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Exemption Status – CA Final /IPCC May 2017 Exams

Check validity of paper wise exemptions granted for CA Intermediate (IPC) / IPCC and Final May 2017 Exams. Last date is 25-04-2017 to contact ICAI Exam Dept.

You may claim the exemption(s) in a paper(s) of Chartered Accountancy (CA) Intermediate (IPC) and CA Final examinations conducted by the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI) in accordance with the terms of Regulation 37C (8) and Regulation 38C (6), respectively, of the Chartered Accountants Regulations 1988.

The rules in this regard are provided by CA Institute in the Guidance Notes made available to the students along with the examination forms and hosted on ICAIEXAM.ICAI.ORG. The related FAQs are also hosted by CA Institute on official website

Hosting of Exemption details granted in CA Exams valid for May 2017

Some of the candidates of CA Intermediate (IPC) and CA Final carry a misconception that they enjoy an exemption in a paper(s) whereas in reality they do not and end up absenting themselves in the said paper, resulting in avoidable hardships.

Accordingly, ICAI has developed a website to host all exemption related information where you may check the status of exemption(s) in a paper granted in the Intermediate and Final examinations, valid for the coming exams i.e. May 2017. In other words, CA Institute has hosted the details of exemptions granted in papers of CA Intermediate and Final so that candidates may check their exemption status before exams.

Check Exemption Status for CA IPCC/Final May 2017 Exam

To check your status of exemption granted in CA IPCC and CA Final examination papers, please login to your account at using your Students Registration Number (SRN) as user ID and view the exemption status as per ICAI records. So, please visit EXEMPTIONS.ICAIEXAM.ICAI.ORG on or before 25th April, 2017, check the exemption details and take necessary action before appearing for CA Intermediate (IPC) or CA Final examinations to be held in Nov 2016.

Check Valid Exemption Details

(Available from 15th April 2017)

Students may see the month and year of relevant exam and roll number indicated on the above mentioned site, with those contained on the relevant Statement of marks issued to them.

Note that exemptions granted in a paper(s) are indicated by way of “#” against the marks awarded thereon and the result of the relevant Group is indicated as “F-EX”, in the Statement of Marks. If the exemption is not granted or entering wrong Reg. No., you will see this message “Invalid Registration Number / No Exemption Data!” on your computer screen.

Date of hosting the exemption data:

ICAI has hosted details of CA Final and CA IPCC exam papers exemptions on 14th April 2017 (11:00 Hrs IST) and therefore, you should login to your ICAIexam account to see the same.

Last date for emailing discrepancy, if any:

25th April 2017 is the last date for checking the status of exemptions granted to CA IPCC and CA Final candidates in their respective exam papers.

In case of any discrepancy, please write to the Examination Department of ICAI immediately, in any case not later than 25th April, 2017, at the following e-mail address.

Final candidates:
Intermediate(IPC) candidates:

Please do not forget to enclose the scanned copy of the relevant mark sheet in which exemption was granted. ICAI Exam Dept. will respond to your email just within 7 days of the receipt of the e-mail. In case you do not receive any response within 7 days, contact/write to the e-mail address provided herein below.

Email at for CA Final candidates; and
Email at for CA Intermediate(IPC) candidates.

ICAI Clarifications regarding Exemptions in CA Exam paper(s)

After receiving certified copies of answer books in respect of CA examinations some students notice that in some papers, marks awarded to them on the Answer Books are at variance with those on the Statement of Marks issued to them. Thereafter they seek clarification from ICAI. Accordingly, CA Institute has clarified that

  • Variance of marks between those on the answer books and those on the statement of marks issued to candidates is on account of revision of marks by the Examination Committee, under regulation 39(2) of the CA Regulations, 1988 prior to declaration of results of the examination;
  • Such revision is taken into consideration while processing the results and the revised marks are shown on the statement of marks;
  • Such revised marks are not indicated on the answer books of the candidates and
  • Marks in the statement of marks issued to candidates are final.

Therefore, you should verify the status of exemptions, if any, that you think that you had been granted in a paper, from the statement of marks sent to you and not on the basis of marks stated on the certified copies of answer books. Note that exemptions, if any, granted to a candidate in an examination are indicated on the statement of marks by way of a “#” sign against the marks of the paper in which exemption is granted and in such cases, where a candidate is granted exemption, the result of the group would be shown as “F-EX”, i.e. failed with exemption.

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Karan Aggarwal
Karan Aggarwal

I could not check my exemption details on time. I appeared for May 2016 exams. Please guide me how can I confirm my exemption details.