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Direct Advertisement Opportunities in 2019 on AUBSP

Advertise with AUBSP

Welcome to AUBSP Media/Press Kit Page where you will find all information you need to advertise on Now, you can reach our highly involved audience in real time by placing your advertisements on AUBSP, a fastest growing online platform for Tax Payers, Professionals and Students related to CA, CS and CMA institutes. To know more, you may read about us and latest updated notes, news and articles.

There are various ways to get your Ad space on in various banner sizes with TXT, Image, Rich Media, Flash, Video, GIF animations, Audio and other formats. Note that there is no price difference between an images formatted banner advertisements and some text ads or video.

How to Advertise on AUBSP – Buy Ad Space

If you are interested to advertise with us, please Email at spsmiter@ gmail. com with your minimum bid price for CPM or CPC for Monthly or yearly Ads. Indian advertisers may make payment through Direct Cash Deposit, Cheque, Internet banking i.e. NEFT etc.

Bid Now for AdSpace on AUBSP

 You are required only ₹5999 monthly budget for consideration. In other words, limited Period Offers (Valid for New Advertisers only) starts from INR 5999 for the trail period of first month. Following are the latest tariff i.e. Advertisement Rate Card for the year 2019-20.

Get Your Ad Space on AUBSP for Advertisement in 2019-20

Purchasing an Ad Slot (Space) on AUBSP only takes a 12 Hours maximum. With effect from August 2016, we are offering business man and professionals to get their space on AUBSP for advertisement purpose. There are various ad slots as given below.

Ad Space No. 1 (Above Header Advertisement):

You may display your Ad banner above the header i.e. top of each webpage. This is first ad space and the size of this Ad Space is 970×90 (large leaderboard). This size is ideal to showcase High-Definition content such as videos, photos, animations, and applications.

  • Monthly: ₹9499
  • Quarterly: ₹28497 ₹24497 [ Save ₹4000]
  • Half-yearly: ₹56994 ₹47994 [Save ₹9000]
  • Yearly:  ₹113988 ₹93988 [Save ₹20000]
  • CPC @₹59 [Buy Now]

Ad Space No. 2 (Within Header Advertisement): [SOLD]

If you want to show your ad banner in header area of AUBSP, you may buy Ad Space No. 2. The size of Advertisement banner should be either of the following:
468×60 (recommended banner); or
320×50 (mobile leaderboard); or
234×60 (half banner).

You may create your own custom size ad banner with maximum width 600px and maximum height 120px. Right now we are showing AdSense Ads in that place and the same will be replaced with your advertisement banner.

  • Monthly: ₹9499
  • Quarterly: ₹28497 ₹25497 [ Save ₹3000]
  • Half-yearly: ₹56994 ₹47994 [Save ₹9000]
  • Yearly:  ₹113988 ₹89988 [Save ₹24000]
  • CPC @₹59 [Buy Now]

Ad Space No. 3 (Above Title Advertisement):

This is one of the most eye catching Ad slot which will display your Ad banner just above the Article/Post title i.e. below the Main menu. The size of this Ad space is Top Leaderboard i.e. 728×90 and it will load prior to all other ads.

  • Monthly: ₹9499
  • Quarterly: ₹28497 ₹26497 [ Save ₹2000]
  • Half-yearly: ₹56994 ₹51994 [Save ₹5000]
  • Yearly:  ₹113988 ₹98988 [Save ₹15000]
  • CPC @₹69 [Buy Now]

Ad Space No. 4 (In Sidebar Advertisement):

This is fourth Ad slot which will place your ads just below the Google custom search box in sidebar. In other words, you can put your message in front of prospective visitors at the time when they’re searching for more relevant posts on AUBSP. The size of this Ad space is 300×250 (medium rectangle).

  • Monthly: ₹8499
  • Quarterly: ₹25497 ₹19497 [ Save ₹6000]
  • Half-yearly: ₹50994 ₹36994 [ Save ₹14000]
  • Yearly:  ₹101988 ₹69988 [ Save ₹32000]
  • CPC @₹69 [Buy Now]

There is another Ad space in the sidebar which will display the Advertisement below the fold in the right sidebar. The banner shall be in square size i.e. 125×125 (button).

  • Monthly: ₹1899
  • CPC @₹69 [Buy Now]

Ad Space No. 5 (Within Article Advertisement):

This is the fifth Ad Slot which will display your advertisements just at the bottom of each article/post to attract reader’s attention most. Thus, put your Ad banner in front of potential students and professionals right when they have read the article. The size of this Ad space is 425×50.

  • Monthly: ₹8499
  • Quarterly: ₹25497 ₹18497 [ Save ₹7000]
  • Half-yearly: ₹50994 ₹32994 [ Save ₹18000]
  • Yearly:  ₹101988 ₹63988 [ Save ₹38000]
  • CPC @₹69 [Buy Now]

Ad Space No. 6 (Above Comment Box Advertisement):

You can display your banner right above the comment box on article webpages. The size of ad shall be 600×300. This ad slot is very effective based on historical records and performances.

  • Monthly: ₹8499
  • Quarterly: ₹25497 ₹16497 [ Save ₹9000]
  • Half-yearly: ₹50994 ₹28994 [ Save ₹22000]
  • Yearly:  ₹101988 ₹56988 [ Save ₹45000]
  • CPC @₹69 [Buy Now]

Ad Space No. 7 (In Footer Advertisement):

The last but not least Ad slot which will place your ads in footer. The size of this Ad space is Large Leaderboard i.e. 970×90.

  • Monthly: ₹8499
  • Quarterly: ₹25497 ₹14497 [ Save ₹11000]
  • Half-yearly: ₹50994 ₹26994 [ Save ₹24000]
  • Yearly:  ₹101988 ₹51988 [ Save ₹50000]
  • CPC @₹69 [Buy Now]

Buy Advertisements Space on AUBSP

NOTE: All Ad Spaces (Banner Placement Locations) discussed above are only approximate place based on resolution (1366×768). We never deny the fact that now-a-days more and more people browse the website from their personal mobile phones and tablets. Accordingly, we are using responsive theme (Showeblogin) and therefore the actual placement location may change or vary in accordance with the sizes and resolutions of different devices viz. mobiles, tablets, laptops etc.

Other Sponsorship Opportunities on AUBSP

In addition to banner ads, we have several options available to help promote your business and profession. Therefore, let your achievements reach umpteen numbers of Students and Professionals.

An Article for Your Achievements:

You may write us about your product, services, achievements and company. We may host a contest or Giveaway to help promote your business and professions among AUBSP live visitors.

Sponsor an Article or Notes:

If you would like your product featured in one of our articles or notes and updates, please get in touch with us. You may see the right sidebar for top 5 most popular monthly articles. If we believe that your product is related to that particular article and would be of interest to our readers, we would be happy to include it in that article, or updates/ amendments on our site.

Text Ad in Newsletters and Social Media:

Since Google AdSense for Feeds has been died out, we decided to give another opportunity to our advertisers so that they may opt for a Text Ad (180 characters) in the RSS feed which will display your advertisement at the end of each article Newsletter. Your ad may also be placed on social media like Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus.

NOTE: We can change our advertisement policy at very interval so please keep visiting this page for the latest offers and information regarding the minimum budget requirements for bidding purpose.