CMA Final Paper-16 New Syllabus June 2023

Download and print CMA Final New Syllabus 2022 for ICMAI June 2023 Exams for elective Paper-16 Strategic Cost Management (SCM).

CMA Final New Syllabus 2023: The Institute of Cost Accountants of India has revised new syllabus for CMA Final elective Paper-16 Strategic Cost Management (SCM). The new ICMAI Syllabus-2022 shall be applicable from June 2023 term of examinations.

Students taking enrollments in the Final Course have to give one time option about choice of “Elective Paper”.

New Syllabus for SCM

Section A: Strategic Cost Management – Tools and Techniques

1. Introduction to Strategic Cost Management

  1. Concepts of Strategic Cost Management in Different Stages of Value Chain
  2. Cost Control and Cost Reduction – Contemporary Techniques
  3. Value Chain Analysis and Value Engineering – Business Process Re-engineering
  4. Supply Chain Management

2. Quality Cost Management

  1. Managing Quality in Competitive Environment
  2. Cost of Quality
  3. Total Quality Management
  4. Lean Accounting
  5. Six Sigma

3. Decision Making Techniques (Case Study-based Approach)

  1. Decisions involving Alternative Choices
  2. Pricing Decisions and Strategies
  3. Transfer Pricing
  4. Relevant Cost Analysis
  5. Target Costing
  6. Product Life Cycle Costing
  7. Asset Life Cycle Costing
  8. Decision Making using Probability

4. Activity Based Management and Just in Time (JIT)

  1. Activity Based Cost Management – Concept, Purpose, Benefits, Stages, Relevance in Decision-making and its Application in Budgeting, Responsibility Accounting, Traditional vs. ABC System – Comparative Analysis
  2. JIT – Introduction, Benefits, Use of JIT in measuring the Performance
  3. Throughput Accounting
  4. Back flush Accounting
  5. Benchmarking

5. Evaluating Performance

  1. Variance Analyses
    • Investigation of Variances
    • Planning and Operating Variances
    • Controllable and Non-controllable Variances
    • Relevant Cost Approach to Variance Analysis
    • Variance Analysis under Marginal Costing and Absorption Costing
    • Activity Ratios
    • Application of Budgetary Control and Standard Costing in Profit Planning
    • Standard Costing Vs Budgetary Control
    • Reconciliation of Actual Profit with Standard Profit and /or Budgeted Profit
  2. Uniform Costing and Inter-firm comparison

Section B: Quantitative Techniques in Decision Making

  1. Linear Programming
  2. Transportation
  3. Assignment
  4. Game Theory
  5. Simulation
  6. Network analysis – PERT, CPM
  7. Learning Curve
  8. Business Application of Maxima and Minima
  9. Business Forecasting Models – Time Series and Regression Analysis
  10. Introduction to Tools for Data Analytics

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