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GST Revenue Collection Up to Date | GST Returns filed

Total CGST, SGST and IGST Revenue Collection since July 1, 2017. Goods and Services Tax paid by filing GST returns by tax payers registered with GSTN.

From 1st July 2017, the Goods and Services Tax (GST) tax was introduced in India. GST tax shall be paid by registered GST tax payers in compliance with the provisions of GST Act, 2017. There are various types of returns under GST Law viz. GSTR-1, GSTR-2, GSTR-3, GSTR-3B, GSTR-4, GSTR-5, GSTR-6, GSTR-7, GSTR-8, GSTR-9, GSTR-10.

In this article, you will come to know the GST tax collection from various GST returns filed since July 1, 2017. The month-wise consolidated figures of Central Goods and Services Tax (CGST), State Goods and Services Tax (SGST), Integrated Goods and Services Tax (IGST) and Cess collected by the Government from first return to last month return is as under:

  • August, 2017 GST Revenue Collection: ₹93,590 Crores
  • September, 2017 GST Revenue Collection: ₹93,029 Crores
  • October, 2017 GST Revenue Collection: ₹95,132 Crores
  • November, 2017 GST Revenue Collection: ₹85,931 Crores
  • December, 2017 GST Revenue Collection: ₹83,716 Crores
  • January, 2018 GST Revenue Collection: ₹88,929 Crores
  • February, 2018 GST Revenue Collection: ₹88,047 Crores
  • March, 2018 GST Revenue Collection: ₹89,264 Crores
  • Total GST Revenue Collection up to date is ₹7,17,638 Crores.

GST Returns filed for the Month of January 2018

The GST collections have increased in the months of January 2018 in comparison to previous two months. The summary of returns filed for the month of January, 2018 is detailed below:

  • Taxpayers required to file Return (Other than composition Taxpayers): 83,52,202
  • GSTR-3B filed till last day of filing: 53,94,018
  • % of returns filed till last date of filing: 64.58%
  • Filed till 18th March 2018: 62,96,048
  • % of filing as on 18th March, 2018: 75.38%

GST Revenue Collection by first GST Return filed July 2017

The last date for payment of GST tax for the month of July 2017 was 25th August, 2017 and the last date for filing returns in cases, where the taxpayer wanted to avail transitional credit was 28th August, 2017 and, in all other cases, it was 25th August, 2017.

Did you know? Out of total 72.33 lakh taxpayers, 58.53 lakh taxpayers have completely migrated to the GSTN and 13.80 lakh taxpayers are yet to complete their procedural formalities to migrate to the GSTN. The number of new taxpayers who have registered with the GSTN upto 29th August, 2017 (10 a.m.) is 18.83 lakhs.

First GST Return Summary:

There were 59.57 lakhs GST tax payers were required to file the GST returns for the month of July 2017. However, only 38.38 lakhs GST return were filed as on 29th August, 2017 (10 a.m.) for the month of July 2017. That means only 64.42% of the total number of returns were filed by taxable person registered under GST Act, 2017.

Note that the above figure does not include the taxpayers who have registered with the GSTN in August 2017 and the composition dealers. The registration of large number of assesse under GST will facilitate the effective implementation of GST.

  • No. of GST Registered Tax Payers: 59357 Lakhs
  • No. of GST return filed For July 2017: 38.38 Lakhs
  • Amount of GST tax Collected: ₹92,283 Crore
    • CGST Revenue: ₹14,894 Crore
    • SGST Revenue: ₹22,722 Crore
    • IGST Revenue: ₹47,469 Crore (Including imports ₹20,964 Crore)
    • Cess: 7,198 Crore (Including Compensation Cess from imports ₹599 crore)

₹92,283 Crore GST tax were collected up to 29-Aug-2017 at 10:00 a.m. from the GST registered tax payers who have filed their first GST return under different heads. Out of which total CGST revenue is ₹14,894 crore, SGST revenue is ₹22,722 crore, IGST revenue is ₹47,469 crore (of which IGST from imports is ₹20,964 crore) and Cess is ₹7,198 crore (of which ₹599 crore is Compensation Cess from imports).

IGST has been allocated the CGST and the SGST to the extent that the same is used for payment of CGST/SGST. This exercise will be done based on the cross-utilisation report to be received from the GSTN. Exact revenue figures of the Central and the State Governments respectively will be known after this exercise is complete before the end of this month.

Our Finance Minister (FM), Sri Arun Jaitley said that July GST collections of ₹92,000 crore exceeded target. As more people, complete GST Registration formalities and pay GST taxes with the late fee, total receipts could further improve. While the state GST target of ₹43,000 crore and the Union government’s target of ₹48,000 crore as a whole has been achieved, the government is yet to assess if individual states have met their targets.

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