HS Code 2023 for Ores, Slag and Ash

Revised HTS or HS Code for Ores, slag and ash for use in classification of Imported merchandise for rate of Duty and statistical purposes in the year 2022.

Revised HS/HTS Code 2023: Harmonized Tariff Schedule (HTS) Code of the United States for ores, slag and ash.

Chapter-26 Harmonized System Code

Ores, slag and ash

This chapter does not cover:

(a) Slag or similar industrial waste prepared as macadam (heading 2517);

(b) Natural magnesium carbonate (magnesite), whether or not calcined (heading 2519);

(c) Sludges from the storage tanks of petroleum oils, consisting mainly of such oils (heading 2710);

(d) Basic slag of chapter 31;

(e) Slag wool, rock wool or similar mineral wools (heading 6806);

(f) Waste or scrap of precious metal or of metal clad with precious metal; other waste or scrap containing precious metal or precious metal compounds, of a kind used principally for the recovery of precious metal (heading 7112 or 8549); or

(g) Copper, nickel or cobalt mattes produced by any process of smelting (section XV).

HS Code or HTS/HSNDescription of Goods
2601Iron ores and concentrates, including roasted iron pyrites:
2602Manganese ores and concentrates, including ferruginous manganese ores and concentrates with a manganese content of 20 percent or more, calculated on the dry weight
2603Copper ores and concentrates
2604Nickel ores and concentrates
2605Cobalt ores and concentrates
2606Aluminum ores and concentrates
2607Lead ores and concentrates
2608Zinc ores and concentrates
2609Tin ores and concentrates
2610Chromium ores and concentrates
2611Tungsten ores and concentrates
2612Uranium or thorium ores and concentrates
2613Molybdenum ores and concentrates
2614Titanium ores and concentrates
2615Niobium (columbium), tantalum, vanadium or zirconium ores and concentrates:
2616Precious metal ores and concentrates:
2617Other ores and concentrates
2618Granulated slag (slag sand) from the manufacture of iron or steel
2619Slag, dross (other than granulated slag), scalings and other waste from the manufacture of iron or steel
2620Slag, ash and residues (other than from the manufacture of iron or steel), containing arsenic, metals or their compounds:
2621Other slag and ash, including seaweed ash (kelp); ash and residues from the incineration of municipal waste:

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