HS Code 2023 for Silk

Revised HTS or HS Code for Silk for use in classification of Imported merchandise for rate of Duty and statistical purposes in the year 2022.

Revised HS/HTS Code 2023: Harmonized Tariff Schedule (HTS) Code of the United States for silk.

Chapter-50 Harmonized System Code


HS Code or HTS/HSNDescription of Goods
5001Silkworm cocoons suitable for reeling
5002Raw silk (not thrown)
5003Silk waste (including cocoons unsuitable for reeling, yarn waste and garnetted stock):
5004Silk yarn (other than yarn spun from silk waste) not put up for retail sale
5005Yarn spun from silk waste, not put up for retail sale
5006Silk yarn and yarn spun from silk waste, put up for retail sale; silkworm gut
5007Woven fabrics of silk or of silk waste

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