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Submit article and notes to publish on to join esteemed panel of Authors. Your expertise and practical experiences helps millions of people.

Submit your own written article and notes to publish on and join our esteemed panel of Authors. We provide platform to share your expertise and practical experiences to help millions of taxpayers, students and professionals.

First of all, I would like to give lots of thanks from the bottom of my heart and warm welcome to all those who are regular live visitors of my website as well as subscribers. I am writing articles and notes on various topics related to finance world specially focused on Income Tax, GST and Corporate Law, CA, CS and CMA students and professionals.

At AUBSP, we are offering an opportunity for students and professionals to share their knowledge and experience through write up on Be an expert to guide millions of students and professionals worldwide by submitting your own notes and articles. It helps our readers to gain depth knowledge as well as quick revisions for professional examinations.

You will only spend 45 to 60 minutes or it may take a full day for writing a best quality article or notes but you will get the return from that article for lifetime in real term. Therefore, the benefits of submitting your notes on various topics to AUBSP will be more than the cost of writing a post.

If you are a student, practicing professional, professor/ tutor or writer, you can gain a lot of exposure by publishing your articles or notes regularly on this website.

How to Become a Contributor to AUBSP as an Author

You are invited to join AUBSP esteemed panel of Authors by submitting your articles on specific topic in which you are expert enough to help millions of Students and Professionals.

AUBSP is now going to publish the new articles submitted by those students and professionals who are willing to write a good original quality and most importantly worth reading articles, notes and analysis in his own words.

Accordingly, every visitors are invited to join us and share their knowledge and analysis on any topic which would help not only the students in preparation for their coming examinations in less time but also to taxpayers and professionals (CA/CS/CMA) in their practical life.

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Thus, you may come up with your own brilliant, creative and great innovative ideas and writing skills to apprise and keep amused our readers and gain wide exposure with online fans and followers. Your writings for us will be no less than an honor.

Subjects for Article:

Following are the most preferable subjects on which we accept the articles, notes and analysis:

  1. GST – Goods and Services Tax
  2. Income Tax
  3. Corporate Law
  4. Analysis of any circulars, notifications, rules and regulations issued on above subject matters by relevant authorities including CBDT, CBIC, MCA, SEBI and RBI etc.
  5. Any other subject included in the syllabus of course offered by CA/CS/CMA Institutes.

What Formats Do We Accept?

We will accept only those articles which are in Microsoft Word document (.doc or .docx) format. However, you may send other files in Audio (Podcast), Video (YouTube), Presentation (PowerPoint), Excel Sheet (Chart, analysis) and image files in support of your original article.

Structure and Form of Article:

You should submit your article in the following structure:

  1. Heading or Title: Heading of your article should be short and brief. Preferably between 8-12 words. Long title may be accepted if it reflects contents.
  2. Summary: Short summary between 20-25 words to explain the entire article. It will encourage users to read your complete article. It will be shown as description or excerpt of your post.
  3. Introduction: Your article should have an introduction paragraph explaining topic covered in your article. Write a short and descriptive introduction with 150-200 words.
  4. Main Body: Your article should be in simple language. Try to use more active voice rather than passive voice. Write your article in well structured manner. You may consider the following to make it more relevant for readers:
    • Divide your article in para containing max 2-5 sentences and avoid long/lengthy paragraphs.
    • Sub-headings for each one or two paragraphs recommended.
    • Highlight (Bold/ Italic/ Underline) the key phrases or keywords.
    • Use numbering or list for point wise explanation.
    • Insert table wherever required for difference between topics.
    • Include FAQs if any related to your contents.
  5. Conclusion: At last you may use 100-250 words to conclude your article.

Author Bio:

You will be granted to submit a short author bio with your article in a summarized and meaningful manner. The same author bio will be published at the end of your live article on AUBSP.

However, the author bio should not be more than 45 words. Please, never try to submit the bogus author info or fake name as we will cross check the same and delete immediately.

Length of Article:

Actually, the length of the article will depends on the topic you have selected. However, too short and unprofessionally written article is not allowed. Thus, the article should not be less than 800 words. Recommended length of article is between 1000 to 5000 words. Long write ups may be accepted if it is required to explain the concept.

Suppose you are writing notes on a specific section of GST Act, 2017, Income Tax Act, 1956 or the Companies Act, 2013 then please complete your notes with some questions and answers or an illustration.


The article written in simple English language will prefer. However, you may submit your article in any language you know very well including Hindi. Please, check carefully the grammatically errors before the submission of your notes/articles so that we believe in your writing skills.

Original Article:

The first and most important thing is that your article must be unique rather the copy paste from other articles. The internet has surely become wide enough but there still exist easy ways of tracking the original source of the sent content.

All posts are thoroughly scanned by copyright web software. Any copied article if found will be considered as violation of terms and conditions and infringement of copyrights. So don’t waste your time on copy-pasting.

Note: However, if you have copied only some words or sentences from any source (Books/Internet) then please mention the source and we will approve your article.

Copyright of Article:

You must submit your own written original article. You should ensure that the article sent by you is original and does not infringe copyright of any person/institute, etc.

In case of any such infringement, the author of article (You) shall be personally liable for such infringement and any consequent damages. If your article is already published on any website or blog, then it will not be accepted. Thus, the posts must be first heard and not published elsewhere.

Note that the article submitted by you will become the asset of AUBSP after publication on website Thereafter, you would not be allowed to republish the same article in any other blog or website. However, you may publish an intro (not more than 100 words) of your published article with a Do Follow back links to the original post already published on

Links in Article:

Affiliate, paid or sponsored links in article is prohibited i.e. Link Builders are not welcomed here. External Links in article body are not allowed. If it is essential to provide the links of other websites, we would check its inevitability and allow the same. However, you may link relevant words or sentences with the internal links i.e. the link of any article published at our site.

Update Your Published Article:

You will be allowed to update your published article as per the latest amendments. But for the first time publication be sure that there is no error or material misstatement in your article.

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