Feedback on Question Paper of ICAI Exams May 2024

Observations of candidates on question paper of CA Foundation, CA Intermediate and CA Final May/June 2024 Examinations. ICAI exam feedback form.

ICAI May 2024 Exam Feedback: The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI) vide announcement asks CA students to provide their feedback on question paper of CA examinations to be held in May 2024.

Chartered Accountancy (CA) Examination activity is handled centrally from the Examination Department of the CA Institute, in New Delhi. Since May 2014, the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI) introduced a mechanism to obtain the feedback on the question papers relating to Chartered Accountancy (CA) Examinations being held in the month of May and November every year.

Accordingly, all candidates who has appeared in the CA Intermediate Exams May 2024 or CA Final May 2024 Exams may give their own observations, if any, on the question papers relating to their respective Examinations.

Observations of Candidates on Question Papers of CA Examinations

CA Institute seeking your feedbacks and observations on questions asked in your CA Foundation, CA Intermediate or CA Final Examinations to be held in the month of May/June and Nov/Dec every year.

If you have appeared in CA Foundation/ CA Intermediate/ CA Final Examinations held in May 2024 then, you can bring to the notice of the ICAI Examination Department your opinions, remarks and explanations regarding questions asked in the CA exams being held in May 2024.

You may submit your feedback through either of the following mode:

A) Feedback on Question Paper through Email:

CA Foundation, CA Inter and CA Final students may submit their feedback form through email at on the question papers relating to CA Examinations being held in May 2024.

B) Feedback on Question Paper by Speed Post:

CA Intermediate, CA Final and Foundation candidates may also provide their feedback by way of a letter on the question papers relating to CA Examinations being held in May 2024 by way of a letter.

Please note that only those observations of students will be taken up for consideration who provide their following details i.e.; Name of the Student, Registration Number, Roll Number, email-id and Mobile Number.

Such letter shall be sent by Speed Post at the following address:

The Additional Secretary (Exams)
The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India
ICAI Bhawan
Indraprastha Marg
New Delhi 110 002.

Last date for Feedback on Question Paper: Your feedback shall be send by e-mail at or by way of a letter so as to reach ICAI Exam Department not later than one week from the date of the last examination. Therefore, submit or send your feedback to the ICAI CA Final and Intermediate May 2024 Examination Department on or before May 24, 2024.

Format of Feedback Form/ Letter of CA Examination

ICAI shall review all feedback on question paper and every comment is taken very seriously. So, please give your free and frank opinion on the question paper based on your own performance in the paper which will be a valuable resource for CA Institute.

This form is an attempt to get a feedback about the quality of the question paper(s) relating to the May 2024 examination, from the candidates who appeared therein.

Further, you need not have any apprehension that your feedback will have any bearing on the evaluation of your answer books. Therefore, feel free to submit your precious feedback to the examination department of ICAI.


Following are the relevant matters and information you may provide while submitting your feedback on question paper for the relevant examinations.

1. Name of the CA Exam: CA Foundation June 2024/ CA Intermediate May 2024/ CA Final May 2024
2. Name of the candidate: Your Full Name here.
3. Student registration No: Your SRN starts from ERO/ WRO/ NRO/ SRO/ CRO
4. Subject/Paper Name:
5. Coverage of the topics i.e. well spread over the entire syllabus: Rate the question paper whether it covers the entire syllabus. Rating shall be ranging from Poor to Excellent on a scale of 1-5.
6. List the topics, in your opinion, which were not covered: Mention the topics name which were not covered in question paper.
7. Give the question no. (if any) which was outside the syllabus/study material: Have you noticed that this term questions were out of syllabus.
8. Give the question number (if any) which was repeated/reproduced from:

a) Past question papers of ICAI exams:
b) Past question papers of any other professional exam:
c) Study materials of ICAI:
d) Revisionary test papers of ICAI:
e) Text books/reference books:
f) Any other (please specify):

9. Give the question number (if any) which contained any of the following:

a) Printing/typographical errors (spacing, formatting etc.):
b) Spelling/Grammatical/syntax errors:
c) Drafting errors/ambiguity in language/difficulty in understanding:
d) Incomplete question or problem:
e) Incorrect terminology:
f) Technical inaccuracies:

10. Give the question number (if any) where there was variation between the English and Hindi version in terms of:

a) Content of the question:
b) Marks allocated to the question:

11. Whether time required to complete the paper was:

a) Sufficient:
b) More than sufficient:
c) Not sufficient:

12. Give the question number (if any) where the marks allocated was not commensurate with:

a) Level of difficulty:
b) Time taken to answer it:




Therefore, just download the prescribed ICAI Exams Feedback Form, fill up it and submit the same either by sending an e-mail at or by Speed Post at the address mentioned above, so as to reach the ICAI not later than one week from the date of the last examination.

I strongly recommend all of those students who have appeared in CA Foundation/ CA Inter/ CA Final Exams held in May/June 2024 to give their precious feedback and observations on the question papers in CA examinations either through the Feedback form attached above or by commenting below.

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