List of All Degree Colleges in Kerala for 2024

List of all Colleges in Kerala. Government and private degree college name and year of Establishment.


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List of Colleges in Kottayam

List of Govt Colleges in Kottayam

College NameYearManagement
National Homoeopathy Research Institute In Mental Health1974Central Government
College Of Engineering, Poonjar2000State Government
Rajiv Gandhi Institute Of Technology, Velloor P.O.,Pampady. Kottayam – 689 5011991State Government
College Of Pharmaceuital Sciences, Govt.Medical College, Gandhinagar P.O,  Kottayam 686 0081974State Government
Govt. College Of Nursing, Medical College, Gandhi Nagar P.O. Kottayam 686 0061982State Government
Govt. Dental College, Gandhinagar P.O., Kottayam-6860082000State Government
Medical College, Gandhinagar. P.O, Kottayam- 686 0081960State Government
College Of Applied Science (Ihrd), Njeezhoor P.O., Kaduthuruthy2001State Government
College Of Applied Science (Ihrd), Puthuppally -6860341993State Government
College Of Applied Science, Petta, Kanjirappally, Kottayam-6865072010State Government
Govt. College, Nattakom, Kottayam-6860131972State Government
Institute Of Communication And Journalism1995State Government
Institute Of Library And Information Science1995State Government
School Of Medical Education,(Sme),,Gandhinagar P.O.,  M G University,Kottayam1993State Government
School Of Technology & Applied Sciences1993State Government
University College Of Nursing, Gandhinagar, Kottayam1993State Government
University College Of Pharmacy, Thalappady, Kottayam1993State Government
University College Of Teacher Education, Government Girls High School Campus, Vaikom, Kottayam1998State Government
University College Of Teacher Education, Government Higher Secondary School, Thekkekara, Erattupetta, Kottayam1994State Government
University College Of Teacher Education, Government High School Campus, Kudamaloor, Kottayam1992State Government
University College Of Teacher Education, Government High School Campus, Petta, Kanjirappally, Kottayam1992State Government
University College Of Teacher Education, Thottakkad P.O., Kottayam1994State Government
List of Govt Colleges in Kottayam

List of Private Colleges in Kottayam

College NameYearManagement
Gurudeva Institute Of Science And Technology, Vennimala, Payappady P.O, Puthuppally, Kottayam2010Private Aided
Athurasramam N. S. S. Homeo Medical College, Sachivothamapuram P.O.,  Kottayam – 686 5321958Private Aided
St Thomas College Of Allied Health Sciences2020Private Aided
Theophilus College Of Nursing, Mgdm Hospital, Kangazha, Devagiri P.O.  Kottayam- 686 5552002Private Aided
Alphonsa College, Pala – 686 5741964Private Aided
Assumption College, Changanacherry 686 1011950Private Aided
Baselius College, Kottayam-686 0011964Private Aided
B.C.M. College, Kottayam – 686 0011955Private Aided
Bishop Kurialacherry College For Women, Amalagiri P.O Kottayam 686 5611965Private Aided
C.M.S College, Kottayam – 686 0011817Private Aided
Devamatha College, Kuravilangad-6866331964Private Aided
Devaswom Board College, Thalayolaparambu-6866051965Private Aided
Henry Baker College, Melukavu, Melukavumattom P.O.-686 6521981Private Aided
Kuriakose Elias College, Mannanam, Kottayam-686 5611964Private Aided
Kuriakose Gregorios College, Pampady, Kottayam 686 5021981Private Aided
Mount Carmel College Of Teacher Education For Women, Kottayam- 686 0041953Private Aided
N.S.S Hindu College, Changanacherry- 686 1021947Private Aided
Nss Training College, Perunnai P.O, Changanacherry-686 1021954Private Aided
Pg.Radhakrishnan Memorial S.N.College, Channanikkad, Kottayam-6865332002Private Aided
S.B. College, Changanacherry-686 1011922Private Aided
Sree Narayana Arts & Science College, Kumarakom, Kottayam-686 5632005Private Aided
Sree Vidyadhi Raja N S S College, Vazhoor, Theerthapadapuram P.O, Kottayam- 686 5051965Private Aided
St. Dominic’s College, Parathod P.O., Kanjirappally-686 5121965Private Aided
St. George’s College, Aruvithura- 686 1221965Private Aided
St. Joseph’s Training College, Mannanam, Kottayam – 686 5611957Private Aided
St. Mary’s College, Manarcaud, Malam P.O. Kottayam-6860311981Private Aided
St. Stephen’s College, Uzhavoor 686 6341964Private Aided
St. Thomas College, Arunapuram P.O., Pala-686 5741950Private Aided
St. Thomas College Of Teacher Education, Pala 686 5751957Private Aided
St. Xavier’s College, Kothavara P.O., Vaikom-686 6071981Private Aided
University College Of Pharmacy, Cheruvandoor, Ettumanoor P.O., Kottayam1993Private Aided
Amal Jyothi College Of Engineering, Kanjirappally, Koovapally Po, Kottayam-6865182001Private Un-Aided
Kottayam Institute Of Technology & Science, Chengalam East, Anickad2011Private Un-Aided
Mangalam College Of Engineering, Mangalam Hills, Ettumanoor P.O, Kottayam-686 6312002Private Un-Aided
Saintgits College Of Engineering, Kottukulam Hills, Pathamuttam P.O., Kottayam 6865322002Private Un-Aided
St. Joseph’s College Of Engg. And Technology,Choondacherry P.O., Piassanal (Via), Palai, Kottayam-686 5792002Private Un-Aided
Assisi College Of Nursing2012Private Un-Aided
Bcf College Of Phsiotheraphy, Chemmanakary, Akkarapadam P.O, Vaikom,  Kottayam -6861432009Private Un-Aided
Caritas College Of Pharmacy1981Private Un-Aided
Carithas College Of Nursing, Thellakom P.O. Kottayam 6860162002Private Un-Aided
College Of Nursing, Guru Group Of Institute, Karukachal2011Private Un-Aided
Hindustan College Of Pharmacy2018Private Un-Aided
Little Lourdes College Of Nursing2013Private Un-Aided
Mar Sleeva College Of Nursing, Cherpumkal, Pala – 686 5842005Private Un-Aided
Mercy College Of Nursing,Mercy Hospital, Pothy, Thalayolaparambu, Kottayam(Dist)-6866052013Private Un-Aided
St.Thomas College Of Nursing, Chethipuzha, Changanacherry2002Private Un-Aided
Thiruhrudaya College Of Nursing, Nagampadam,Kottayam2015Private Un-Aided
Velankanni Matha College Of Nursing, Matha Hospital2012Private Un-Aided
Aman College Of Science & Technology, Paippad, Changanassery2013Private Un-Aided
Baker College For Women2014Private Un-Aided
Bishop Speechly College For Advanced Studies, Pallom, Kottayam 686 0072006Private Un-Aided
Bishop Vayalil Memorial Holy Cross College, Cherpunkal P.O., Pala   686 5841995Private Un-Aided
C S I College For Legal Studies, Ettumanoor2013Private Un-Aided
Devaswom Board College, Keezhoor. P.O., Vaikom, Kottayam 686 6052002Private Un-Aided
Ettumanoorappan College, Ettumanoor – 686 6311995Private Un-Aided
Girideepam Institute Of Advanced Learning, Bethany Hills, Vadavathoor P.O Kottayam-6860102005Private Un-Aided
Good Shepherd College, Nattakom2012Private Un-Aided
Kristu Jyoti College Of Management And Technology, Kurisummoodu P.O. Chethipuzha, Changanacherry 686 1042002Private Un-Aided
Labour India College2014Private Un-Aided
Labour India College Of Teacher Education, Marangattupally P.O., Kottayam-686 6352005Private Un-Aided
Mangalam College Of Education, Vettimukal P 0, Ettumanoor 686 6311995Private Un-Aided
Mangalam School Of Architecture And Planning2014Private Un-Aided
Mar Augusthinose College, Ramapuram Bazar P.O., Kottayam-686 5761995Private Un-Aided
M C Varghese College Of Arts & Science, Kumaranalloor2011Private Un-Aided
Mes College, Erattupetta2013Private Un-Aided
M.E.S College, Erumeli 686 5091995Private Un-Aided
M E S Golden Jubilee College Kottayam2014Private Un-Aided
R.Sankar Smaraka Sree Narayana College Nedumkunnam Chanaganachery2014Private Un-Aided
Saintgits College Of Applied Sciences, Kottukulam Hills, Pathamuttam P.O., Kottayam-686 5322004Private Un-Aided
Shermount College Of Arts And Commerce2014Private Un-Aided
Sree Mahadeva College2014Private Un-Aided
Sree Narayana Paramahamsa College Of Arts And Science, Poonjar2014Private Un-Aided
St John Of God College For Special Education , Velloor, Pampady2013Private Un-Aided
St. John The Baptist College Of Education, Nedumkunnam, Kottayam 686 5421995Private Un-Aided
St. John The Baptists’ College Of Special Education, Nedumkunnam2006Private Un-Aided
St. Joseph College Of Communication, Kurisummoodu Changanacherry – 6861042004Private Un-Aided
St. Josephs Institute Of Hotel Management And Catering Technology, Choondacherry P.O, Pala, Kottayam-6865792010Private Un-Aided
University College Of Nursing, Andoor, Marangattupally P.O., Pala, Kottayam2005Private Un-Aided
Viswabharathi S N Arts & Science College, Njeezhoor2014Private Un-Aided
List of Private Colleges in Kottayam

List of Other Institutes in Kottayam

College/ Institute NameYearManagement
Department Of Pharmaceutical Sciences (Rimsr), Centre For Professional And Advanced Studies (Cpas)  
Institute Of Nursing Education
University College Of Nursing, Thalappady, Kottayam1994Local Body
P.G.M. College, Devagiri P.O. Kangazha-686 5552005Local Body
Bahuleyan Charitable Foundation College Of Nursing, Chemmanakary, Vaikom, Kottayam2008University
University College Of Teacher Education, Government High School Campus, Paippad, Changanacherry, Kottayam1993University
List of Other Institutes in Kottayam

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