GATE 2024 Syllabus for Ecology and Evolution (EY): Download PDF and Print

GATE 2024 Syllabus for Ecology and Evolution (EY). IISc Bangalore, the exam authority released GATE syllabus for EY along with the official brochure download in PDF.

GATE Syllabus 2024 for EY Paper: The Indian Institute of Science (, Bangalore, the organising institute officially released complete syllabus of Ecology and Evolution (EY) Paper for GATE 2024 exams.

The syllabus of paper EY (Ecology and Evolution) has been divided into five sections. The corresponding sections of the question paper contain different topics.

You may download GATE admit card and GATE exam schedule for paper Ecology and Evolution for appearing in the Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering for the year 2024.

GATE 2024 Paper Pattern for Ecology and Evolution:

PaperEcology and Evolution
Paper CodeEY
Examination ModeComputer Based Test (CBT)
Duration3 Hours (180 Minutes)
Type of Questions(a) Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ)
(b) Multiple Select Questions (MSQ) and/or Numerical Answer Type (NAT) Questions
Marking SchemeQuestions carry 1 mark and 2 marks
Negative MarkingFor a wrong answer chosen in a MCQ, there will be negative marking.

For 1-mark MCQ: 1/3 mark will be deducted for a wrong answer.
For 2-mark MCQ: 2/3 mark will be deducted for a wrong answer.

NO negative marking for MSQ & NAT.
Number of Questions10 (GA) + 55 (subject) = 65 Questions
General Aptitude (GA) Marks15 Marks
Subject Questions85 Marks
Total Marks100 Marks
EY Paper Pattern GATE 2024

Section-1: Ecology

TopicsGATE 2024 Syllabus of Ecology
Fundamental conceptsAbiotic and biotic components; scales (population, species, community, ecosystems, biomes); niches and habitats.
Population ecologyPopulation growth rates (density dependent/independent); metapopulation ecology (colonization, persistence, extinction, patches, sources, sinks); age-structured populations.
InteractionsTypes (mutualism, symbiosis, commensalism, competition, parasitism, predation, etc); ecophysiology (physiological adaptations to abiotic environment); prey-predator interactions (Lotka- Voltera equation etc)
Community ecologyCommunity assembly, organization and succession; species richness, evenness and diversity indices, species-area relationships; theory of island biogeography
Ecosystems structure and functiontrophic levels and their interactions; nutrient cycles; primary and secondary productivity
GATE Syllabus for Ecology

Section-2: Evolution

TopicsGATE 2024 Syllabus of Evolution
History of Evolutionary thoughtLamarckism; Darwinism; Modern Synthesis
FundamentalsVariation; heritability; natural selection; fitness and adaptation; types of selection (stabilizing, directional, disruptive)
Diversity of lifeOrigin and history of life on earth; diversity and classification of life; systems of classification (cladistics and phenetics)
Life history strategiesAllocation of resources; tradeoffs; r/K selection; semelparity and iteroparity
InteractionsInteractions: Co-evolution (co-adaptations, arms race, Red Queen hypothesis, co-speciation); preypredator interactions (mimicry, crypsis, etc.)
Population and Quantitative geneticsOrigins of genetic variation; Mendelian genetics; Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium; drift; selection (one-locus two-alleles model); population genetic structure (panmixia, gene flow, FST); polygenic traits; gene-environment interactions (phenotypic plasticity); heritability
Molecular evolution and phylogeneticsNeutral theory; molecular clocks; rates of evolution; phylogenetic reconstruction; molecular systematics
Macroevolution:Species concepts and speciation; adaptive radiation; convergence; biogeography
GATE Syllabus for Evolution

Section-3: Mathematics and Quantitative Ecology

TopicsGATE 2024 Syllabus of Mathematics and Quantitative Ecology
Mathematics and statistics in ecologySimple functions (linear, quadratic, exponential, logarithmic, etc); concept of derivatives and slope of a function; permutations and combinations; basic probability (probability of random events; sequences of events, etc); frequency distributions and their descriptive statistics (mean, variance, coefficient of variation, correlation, etc.).
Statistical hypothesis testingConcept of p-value; Type I and Type II error, test statistics like t-test and Chi-square test; basics of linear regression and ANOVA.
GATE Syllabus for Mathematics and Quantitative Ecology

Section-4: Behavioural Ecology

TopicsGATE 2024 Syllabus for Behavioural Ecology
Classical EthologyInstinct; fixed action patters; imprinting; learnt behavior; proximate and ultimate questions
Sensory ecologyNeuroethology; communication (chemical, acoustic and visual signaling); recognition systems
Foraging ecologyForaging behaviour; optimal foraging theory
ReproductionCost of sex; sexual dimorphism; mate choice; sexual selection (runaway selection, good-genes, handicap principle, etc); sexual conflict; mating systems; parental care. Social living: Costs and benefits of group-living (including responses to predators); effect of competition (scramble and contest) on group formation; dominance relationships; eusociality; kin selection; altruism; reciprocity; human behaviour
GATE Syllabus for Behavioural Ecology

Section-5: Applied Ecology & Evolution

TopicsGATE 2024 Syllabus of Applied Ecology & Evolution
Biodiversity and conservationImportance of conserving biodiversity; ecosystem services; threats to biodiversity; invasive species; in-situ conservation (endemism, biodiversity hotspots, protected areas); ex-situ conservation; conservation genetics (genetic diversity, inbreeding depression); DNA fingerprinting and DNA barcoding
Disease ecology and evolutionEpidemiology; zoonotic diseases; antibiotic resistance; vector Control Plant and animal breeding: Marker assisted breeding; genetic basis of economically important traits
Global climate changeCauses; consequences; mitigation
GATE Syllabus for Applied Ecology & Evolution

You may download complete GATE syllabus 2024 for EY Ecology and Evolution in PDF. For more detail, please visit official website

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