GATE 2024 Syllabus for Geomatics Engineering (GE): Download PDF and Print

GATE 2024 Syllabus for Geomatics Engineering (GE). IISc Bangalore, the exam authority released GATE syllabus for GE along with the official brochure download in PDF.

GATE Syllabus 2024 for GE Paper: The Indian Institute of Science (, Bangalore, the organising institute officially released complete syllabus of Geomatics Engineering (GE) Paper for GATE 2024 exams.

The syllabus of paper GE (Geomatics Engineering) has been divided into two parts viz. PART-A and PART-B. PART-B again divided into two sections. The corresponding sections of the question paper contain different topics.

You may download GATE admit card and GATE exam schedule for paper Geomatics Engineering for appearing in the Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering for the year 2024.

GATE 2024 Paper Pattern for Geomatics Engineering:

PaperGeomatics Engineering
Paper CodeGE
Examination ModeComputer Based Test (CBT)
Duration3 Hours (180 Minutes)
Type of Questions(a) Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ)
(b) Multiple Select Questions (MSQ) and/or Numerical Answer Type (NAT) Questions
Marking SchemeQuestions carry 1 mark and 2 marks
Negative MarkingFor a wrong answer chosen in a MCQ, there will be negative marking.

For 1-mark MCQ: 1/3 mark will be deducted for a wrong answer.
For 2-mark MCQ: 2/3 mark will be deducted for a wrong answer.

NO negative marking for MSQ & NAT.
Number of Questions10 (GA) + 55 (subject) = 65 Questions
General Aptitude (GA) Marks15 Marks
Engineering Mathematics13 Marks
Subject Questions72 Marks
Total Marks100 Marks
GE Paper Pattern GATE 2024

PART-A Common

TopicsGATE 2024 Syllabus PART-A
Engineering MathematicsSurveying measurements, Accuracy, Precision, Most probable value, Errors and their adjustments, Regression analysis, Correlation coefficient, Least square adjustment, Statistical significant value, Chi square test.
Remote SensingBasic concept, Electromagnetic spectrum, Spectral signature, Resolutions-Spectral. Spatial, Temporal and Radiometric, Platforms and Sensors, Remote Sensing Data Products – PAN, Multispectral, Microwave, Thermal, Hyperspectral, Visual and digital interpretation methods
GNSSPrinciple used, Components of GNSS, Data collection methods, DGPS, Errors in observations and corrections.
GISIntroduction, Data Sources, Data Models and Data Structures, Algorithms, DBMS, Creation of Databases (spatial and non-spatial), Spatial analysis – Interpolation, Buffer, Overlay, Terrain Modeling and Network analysis.
GATE Syllabus for PART-A

PART-B Section-I

TopicsGATE 2024 Syllabus PART-B Section-I
MapsImportance of maps to engineering projects, Types of maps, Scales and uses, Plotting accuracy, Map sheet numbering, Coordinate systems- Cartesian and geographical, map projections, map datum – MSL, Geoid, spheroid, WGS-84.
Land SurveyingVarious Levels, Levelling methods, Compass, Theodolite and Total Station and their uses, Tachometer, Trigonometric levelling, Traversing, Triangulation and Trilateration.
Aerial PhotogrammetryTypes of photographs, Flying height and scale, Relief (height) displacement, Stereoscopy, 3-D Model, Height determination using Parallax Bar, Digital Elevation Model (DEM), Slope.
GATE Syllabus for PART-B Section-I

PART-B Section-II

TopicsGATE 2024 Syllabus PART-B Section-II
Data Quantization and ProcessingSampling and quantization theory, Principle of Linear System, Convolution, Continuous and Discrete Fourier Transform.
Digital Image ProcessingDigital image characteristics: image histogram and scattergram and their significance, Variance-Covariance matrix, Correlation matrix and their significance
Radiometric and Geometric CorrectionsRegistration and Resampling techniques
Image EnhancementContrast Enhancement: Linear and Non-linear methods; Spatial Enhancement: Noise and Spatial filters
Image TransformationPrincipal Component Analysis (PCA), Discriminant Analysis, Color transformations (RGB – IHS, CMYK), Indices (Ratios, NDVI, NDWI).
Image Segmentation and ClassificationSimple techniques
GATE Syllabus for PART-B Section-II

You may download complete GATE syllabus 2024 for GE Geomatics Engineering in PDF. For more detail, please visit official website

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