HS Code 2023 for Furskins and Artificial Fur, Manufactures thereof

Revised HTS or HS Code for Furskins and artificial fur; manufactures thereof for use in classification of Imported merchandise for rate of Duty and statistical purposes in the year 2022.

Revised HS/HTS Code 2023: Harmonized Tariff Schedule (HTS) Code of the United States for furskins and artificial fur; manufactures thereof.

Chapter-43 Harmonized System Code

Furskins and artificial fur; manufactures thereof

Throughout the tariff schedule references to “furskins”, other than to raw furskins of heading 4301, apply to hides or skins of all animals which have been tanned or dressed with the hair or wool on.

This chapter does not cover:

(a) Birdskins or parts of birdskins, with their feathers or down (heading 0505 or 6701);

(b) Raw hides or skins, with the hair or wool on, of chapter 41 (see note 1(c) to that chapter);

(c) Gloves, mittens and mitts consisting of leather and furskin or of leather and artificial fur (heading 4203);

(d) Articles of chapter 64;

(e) Headgear or parts thereof of chapter 65; or

(f) Articles of chapter 95 (for example, toys, games, sports equipment).

HS Code or HTS/HSNDescription of Goods
4301Raw furskins (including heads, tails, paws and other pieces or cuttings, suitable for furriers’ use), other than raw hides and skins of heading 4101, 4102 or 4103:
4302Tanned or dressed furskins (including heads, tails, paws and other pieces or cuttings), unassembled, or assembled (without the addition of other materials) other than those of heading 4303:
4303Articles of apparel, clothing accessories and other articles of furskin:
4304Artificial fur and articles thereof

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