ICAI Compilation of Suggested Answers of Past Question Papers

Download Compilation of Suggested Answers to Questions papers of last 10 exam terms of CA Foundation, Intermediate and Final Courses.

ICAI has provided various year suggested answer of CA exam question papers. You should solve past years questions. Improve your writing skill by self-preparation. One of the best resource for preparing for CA exam is solving the last few Years Question Papers.

Revise entire syllabus by practicing more than 10 attempt’s question papers before submitting the online ICAI exam application form for May 2023 examinations..

Apart from reading study materials, you should go through suggested answers provided by ICAI. ICAI provide you the answers of last 20 terms question papers. It will obviously help you in CA exam preparation.

The Board of Studies of CA Institute has released the Compilations of Suggested Answers for more than last 6 terms i.e. 3 years of ICAI examinations. CA Intermediate/ Accounting Technician Course (ATC) and CA Final examinations question papers starting from Nov 2019 Examinations.

The Suggested Answers for May/Nov exam question papers of CA Foundation, CA Intermediate and CA Final course releases by CA Institute well in advance before the next coming CA Examinations.

Therefore, all CA registered students of Intermediate and Final Course may either buy the previous 10 years Compilations of Suggested Answers from the Sales Counters of Regional Offices and Branches of ICAI or download the same in PDF format which has also been hosted at ICAI website.

Download Compilations of Suggested Answers

To download the Compilations of Suggested Answers for Foundation, Intermediate and Final Courses, just visit the official website of CA Institute at icai.org and follow these simple steps:

Step-1 (Visit BOS Knowledge Portal):

You have to visit official website of ICAI www.icai.org and navigate the BoS Knowledge Portal under Students drop down menu.

Step-2 (Select CA Foundation/ Intermediate/ Final Course):

Click on the text link of your ICAI Course viz. CA Foundation/ Intermediate Course/ Final Course under New Scheme of Education and Training. If you want to download suggested answer of old syllabus then you may scroll down to select the respective course under old scheme of education and training.

Step-3 (Choose Papers):

Now, click on the respective papers of CA Foundation or Intermediate or CA Final as the case may be and then you will see the link of various resources including the Suggested Answers to Questions set as the Institute’s Examinations.

Step-4 (Click on Download Link):

Finally, in the open window you will see the direct download link of all chapters of a particular paper. Thus, click on the respective chapter name to download the Compilation of Suggested Answers in PDF format for CA Foundation or Intermediate or CA Final Course students.

Direct Download link of ICAI Suggested Answers

If you want to download the soft copy (PDF format) of suggested answers of previous attempts question papers, then click on the respective CA course:

  1. CA Final suggested answers;
  2. CA Intermediate suggested answers;
  3. CA Foundation suggested answers.

Old syllabus students can also be able to download and print the suggested answers.

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