List of All Top Universities in Bangladesh to Study Abroad 2024: Admission, Syllabus, Exam, Result

Best School, Colleges and Universities to Study in Bangladesh with Student visa, Curriculum, Scholarships, Course Fees, Job placement and Cost of living.

Best School, Colleges and Universities to Study in Bangladesh with Student visa, Curriculum, Scholarships, Course Fees, Job placement and Cost of living.

RankName of University
1University of Dhaka
2North South University
3Bangladesh Agricultural University (BAU)
4Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology
5Khulna University of Engineering and Technology (KUET)
6American International University – Bangladesh
7Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman Agricultural University
8Daffodil International University (DIU)
9Dhaka International University
10IUBAT – International University of Business Agriculture and Technology
11Jashore University of Science and Technology
12Khulna University
13University of Liberal Arts Bangladesh
14United International University
15Varendra University

State wise Universities in Bangladesh

List of Universities in Barisal

List of all top 4 universities/ Colleges in Barisal to study Abroad.

Rank in BarisalName of Colleges/ UniversitiesLocationRank in BangladeshRank in World
1Global University BangladeshBarisal318161
2University of BarisalBarisal419040
3Patuakhali Science and Technology UniversityBarisal449306
4University of Global VillageBarisal11011680

List of Universities in Chittagong

List of all top 22 universities/ Colleges in Chittagong to study Abroad.

Rank in ChittagongName of Colleges/ UniversitiesLocationRank in BangladeshRank in World
1Noakhali Science and Technology UniversityChittagong84516
2University of ChittagongChittagong145650
3Asian University for WomenChittagong176092
4International Islamic University, ChittagongChittagong196555
5Chittagong University of Engineering and TechnologyChittagong277846
6Chittagong Veterinary and Animal Sciences UniversityChittagong338411
7Comilla UniversityChittagong479396
8Southern University BangladeshChittagong509513
9University of Science and Technology ChittagongChittagong519520
10Chittagong Independent UniversityChittagong649961
11East Delta UniversityChittagong6910257
12Premier UniversityChittagong8410759
13Port City International UniversityChittagong8510773
14Rangamati Science and Technology UniversityChittagong9411123
15Begum Gulchemonara Trust UniversityChittagong9511225
16Chittagong Medical UniversityChittagong9611325
17Feni UniversityChittagong10611627
18Cox’s Bazar International UniversityChittagong11311718
19CCN University of Science and TechnologyChittagong11811905
20University of Creative Technology, ChittagongChittagong12011940
21Britannia UniversityChittagong12612081
22Bandarban UniversityChittagong13312397

List of Universities in Dhaka

List of all top 77 universities/ Colleges in Dhaka to study Abroad.

Rank in DhakaName of Colleges/ UniversitiesLocationRank in BangladeshRank in World
1Bangladesh University of Engineering and TechnologyDhaka12541
2University of DhakaDhaka22632
3BRAC UniversityDhaka32721
4North South UniversityDhaka43122
5National University, BangladeshDhaka53267
6Daffodil International UniversityDhaka74404
7American International University-BangladeshDhaka94742
8Bangladesh Agricultural UniversityDhaka115197
9Independent University, BangladeshDhaka125281
10Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Medical UniversityDhaka135324
11United International UniversityDhaka156005
12Ahsanullah University of Science and TechnologyDhaka166052
13Jahangirnagar UniversityDhaka186341
14University of Liberal Arts BangladeshDhaka216952
15Stamford University BangladeshDhaka226983
16Islamic University of TechnologyDhaka237123
17Bangladesh University of ProfessionalsDhaka247377
18University of Asia PacificDhaka257435
19Southeast University, BangladeshDhaka287993
20Green University of BangladeshDhaka298004
21International University of Business Agriculture and TechnologyDhaka308071
22Bangladesh University of Business and TechnologyDhaka348542
23Dhaka University of Engineering and TechnologyDhaka368894
24Jagannath UniversityDhaka378931
25Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman Agricultural UniversityDhaka398938
26Bangladesh University of TextilesDhaka409011
27Sher-e-Bangla Agricultural UniversityDhaka429184
28BGMEA University of Fashion and TechnologyDhaka439255
29World University of BangladeshDhaka469374
30ASA University BangladeshDhaka529529
31Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman Maritime UniversityDhaka539593
32Asian University of BangladeshDhaka559654
33Eastern University, BangladeshDhaka569681
34Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman Science and Technology UniversityDhaka579697
35Sonargaon UniversityDhaka589728
36Mawlana Bhashani Science and Technology UniversityDhaka599764
37Manarat International UniversityDhaka609813
38Jatiya Kabi Kazi Nazrul Islam UniversityDhaka619830
39Northern University of BangladeshDhaka639943
40Dhaka International UniversityDhaka6510022
41University of Information Technology and SciencesDhaka6610100
42Prime UniversityDhaka6710174
43Islamic Arabic UniversityDhaka6810187
44Atish Dipankar University of Science and TechnologyDhaka7110304
45City UniversityDhaka7210309
46Shanto Mariam University of Creative TechnologyDhaka7310330
47Gono BishwabidyalayDhaka7410358
48European University of BangladeshDhaka7510400
49Presidency University, BangladeshDhaka7610410
50State University of BangladeshDhaka7710416
51Canadian University of BangladeshDhaka7810570
52Primeasia UniversityDhaka7910573
53Uttara UniversityDhaka8010580
54Notre Dame University BangladeshDhaka8110658
55University of South Asia, BangladeshDhaka8210687
56University of Development AlternativeDhaka8310747
57Bangladesh UniversityDhaka8610782
58Royal University of DhakaDhaka8810850
59IBAIS UniversityDhaka8910958
60The Millenium UniversityDhaka9011037
61Victoria University of BangladeshDhaka9111055
62Bangladesh Islami UniversityDhaka9311066
63The People’s University of BangladeshDhaka9811389
64Hamdard University of BangladeshDhaka10011443
65Fareast International UniversityDhaka10111451
66Anwer Khan Modern UniversityDhaka10311494
67The International University of ScholarsDhaka10811666
68Bangladesh University of Health SciencesDhaka11211701
69Central Women’s UniversityDhaka11511766
70ZNRF University of Management SciencesDhaka11611892
71International Standard UniversityDhaka11911937
72Central University of Science and TechnologyDhaka12111942
73Z.H. Sikder University of Science and TechnologyDhaka12412026
74N.P.I. University of BangladeshDhaka12712085
75Ishakha International University, BangladeshDhaka13012146
76Times University of BangladeshDhaka13112147
77Sheikh Fazilatunnesa Mujib UniversityDhaka13212391

List of Universities in Khulna

List of all top 8 universities/ Colleges in Khulna to study Abroad.

Rank in KhulnaName of Colleges/ UniversitiesLocationRank in BangladeshRank in World
1Khulna University of Engineering and TechnologyKhulna206833
2Khulna UniversityKhulna267691
3Islamic UniversityKhulna388936
4North Western UniversityKhulna9711367
5Northern University of Business and Technology, KhulnaKhulna9911405
6Khulna Agricultural UniversityKhulna10211471
7First Capital University of BangladeshKhulna12512052
8Rabindra Maitree UniversityKhulna12812102

List of Universities in Mymensingh

List of all top 2 universities/ Colleges in Mymensingh to study Abroad.

Rank in MymensinghName of Colleges/ UniversitiesLocationRank in BangladeshRank in World
1Sheikh Hasina UniversityMymensingh10411504
2Bangamata Sheikh Fojilatunnesa Mujib Science and Technology UniversityMymensingh10511542

List of Universities in Rajshahi

List of all top 13 universities/ Colleges in Rajshahi to study Abroad.

Rank in RajshahiName of Colleges/ UniversitiesLocationRank in BangladeshRank in World
1Rajshahi UniversityRajshahi63366
2Rajshahi University of Engineering and TechnologyRajshahi328302
3Hajee Mohammad Danesh Science and Technology UniversityRajshahi358771
4Begum Rokeya UniversityRajshahi459369
5Pabna Science and Technology UniversityRajshahi499499
6Varendra UniversityRajshahi7010274
7Rabindra University, BangladeshRajshahi9211063
8Rajshahi Medical UniversityRajshahi10711636
9Exim Bank Agricultural University of BangladeshRajshahi10911674
10Khwaja Yunus Ali UniversityRajshahi11411736
11Rajshahi Science and Technology UniversityRajshahi11711902
12Pundra University of Science and TechnologyRajshahi12212000
13North Bengal International UniversityRajshahi12312002

List of Universities in Sylhet

List of all top 7 universities/ Colleges in Sylhet to study Abroad.

Rank in SylhetName of Colleges/ UniversitiesLocationRank in BangladeshRank in World
1Shahjalal University of Science and TechnologySylhet104811
2Sylhet Agricultural UniversitySylhet489490
3Leading UniversitySylhet549606
4Metropolitan UniversitySylhet629903
5Sylhet International UniversitySylhet8710797
6North East University BangladeshSylhet11111686
7Sylhet Medical UniversitySylhet12912122

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