List of All Top Universities in Burundi to Study Abroad 2024: Admission, Syllabus, Exam, Result

Best School, Colleges and Universities to Study in Burundi with Student visa, Curriculum, Scholarships, Course Fees, Job placement and Cost of living.

Best School, Colleges and Universities to Study in Burundi with Student visa, Curriculum, Scholarships, Course Fees, Job placement and Cost of living.

Studying abroad in Burundi is a unique and immersive experience that can offer you a chance to learn about a different culture, language, and way of life. Burundi is a small country located in East Africa, bordering Rwanda, Tanzania, and the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Here are some things to consider if you’re thinking about studying abroad in Burundi:

  • Academics: Burundi’s higher education system is modeled after the French system. French is the primary language of instruction at most universities. However, there are a growing number of programs offered in English. The University of Burundi is the oldest and largest university in the country. Other public universities include Université du Lac Tanganyika, Université Polytechnique de Gitega, and Université de Ngozi. There are also a number of private universities, such as Université Lumière de Bujumbura and Bujumbura International University.
  • Cost of living: The cost of living in Burundi is relatively low. You can expect to spend around $500-$1000 per month on food, accommodation, and other expenses.
  • Culture: Burundi is a beautiful country with a rich culture. The people are known for their hospitality and friendliness. Burundi is also home to a number of interesting cultural attractions, such as drum sanctuaries and the Rusi Burundi National Park.
  • Safety: The safety situation in Burundi has improved in recent years, but it is still important to be aware of your surroundings and take precautions.

State wise Universities in Burundi

List of Universities in Bujumbura Mairie

List of all top 18 universities/ Colleges in Bujumbura Mairie to study Abroad.

Name of Colleges/ UniversitiesLocationRank in BurundiRank in World
Institut Supérieur de Gestion des EntreprisesBujumbura Mairie14512
Université du BurundiBujumbura Mairie28575
Université Espoir d’AfriqueBujumbura Mairie310537
Université Lumière de BujumburaBujumbura Mairie410991
École Normale Supérieure de BujumburaBujumbura Mairie511831
Institut National de Santé PubliqueBujumbura Mairie611865
Université des Grands LacsBujumbura Mairie711970
Université du Lac TanganyikaBujumbura Mairie812022
East Africa Star UniversityBujumbura Mairie912071
École Nationale d’Administration, BurundiBujumbura Mairie1012090
Bujumbura International UniversityBujumbura Mairie1112234
Université Martin Luther KingBujumbura Mairie1212317
Université de MwaroBujumbura Mairie1312319
International University of Equator, BurundiBujumbura Mairie1412320
Université Sagesse d’AfriqueBujumbura Mairie1512355
International Leadership University, BurundiBujumbura Mairie1612444
Université Chrétienne de BujumburaBujumbura Mairie1712467
Université des CollinesBujumbura Mairie1812569

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