List of All Top Universities in Canada to Study Abroad 2024: Admission, Syllabus, Exam, Result

Best School, Colleges and Universities to Study in Canada with Student visa, Curriculum, Scholarships, Course Fees, Job placement and Cost of living.

Best School, Colleges and Universities to Study in Canada with Student visa, Curriculum, Scholarships, Course Fees, Job placement and Cost of living.

Canada is a great choice for international students. Here are some reasons why:

  • High-quality education: Canada has a world-class education system, with universities that consistently rank among the best in the world.
  • Affordable tuition: Compared to other popular study destinations, such as the United States and the United Kingdom, tuition fees in Canada are generally more affordable.
  • Post-study work permit: After graduating from a Canadian university or college, international students are eligible to apply for a work permit that allows them to gain valuable work experience in Canada. This can be a great way to improve your job prospects and make yourself a more attractive candidate to employers around the world.
  • Pathway to permanent residency: Canada has a well-established immigration system that makes it easier for international students to obtain permanent residency after completing their studies and gaining work experience.
  • Multicultural society: Canada is a welcoming and multicultural country, with a population that comes from all over the world. This can be a great place to experience different cultures and make new friends from all over the globe.

Here are some things to consider if you are thinking about studying in Canada:

  • The cost of living: The cost of living in Canada can vary depending on the city you choose to live in. However, it is generally more expensive to live in Canada than in some other countries, such as India or China.
  • The weather: Canada has a cold climate, with four distinct seasons. Be sure to pack for all types of weather if you are planning to study in Canada.
  • Student visa requirements: You will need to apply for a student visa before you can start studying in Canada. The requirements for a student visa can vary depending on your nationality.

If you are interested in studying in Canada, there are a number of resources available to help you get started. You can visit the website of the Canadian government or contact a Canadian embassy or consulate in your home country.

RankName of University
1University of Toronto
2University of British Columbia
3McGill University
4McMaster University
5University of Montreal
6University of Alberta
7University of Ottawa
8University of Calgary
9Universite de Montreal
10Laval University
11University of Waterloo
12Western University
13Université Laval
14Queen’s University
15Simon Fraser University
16Queens University
17Dalhousie University
18University of Victoria
19University of Manitoba
20University of Sherbrooke
21York University
22University of New Brunswick
23University of Guelph
24University of Saskatchewan
25Universite du Quebec a Montreal
26Carleton University
27Concordia University
28Memorial University of Newfoundland
29University of New Brunswick UNB
30Ontario Tech University
31Université du Québec
32University of Regina
33University of Windsor
34University of Quebec at Chicoutimi
35Lakehead University
36University of Northern British Columbia (UNBC)
37Toronto Metropolitan University
38University of Lethbridge

State wise Universities in Canadea

List of Universities in Alberta

List of all top 12 universities/ Colleges in Alberta to study Abroad.

Rank in AlbertaName of Colleges/ UniversitiesLocationRank in CanadaRank in World
1University of AlbertaAlberta685
2University of CalgaryAlberta8119
3University of LethbridgeAlberta28771
4Mount Royal UniversityAlberta491645
5MacEwan UniversityAlberta511655
6Northern Alberta Institute of TechnologyAlberta551756
7SAIT PolytechnicAlberta591966
8Concordia University of EdmontonAlberta754345
9The King’s UniversityAlberta804616
10Ambrose UniversityAlberta845254
11Burman UniversityAlberta896088
12St Mary’s UniversityAlberta916609

List of Universities in British Columbia

List of all top 16 universities/ Colleges in British Columbia to study Abroad.

Rank in British ColumbiaName of Colleges/ UniversitiesLocationRank in CanadaRank in World
1The University of British ColumbiaBritish Columbia226
2Simon Fraser UniversityBritish Columbia575
3University of VictoriaBritish Columbia11151
4British Columbia Institute of TechnologyBritish Columbia29805
5Vancouver Island UniversityBritish Columbia401260
6University of Northern British ColumbiaBritish Columbia421296
7Kwantlen Polytechnic UniversityBritish Columbia431397
8Thompson Rivers UniversityBritish Columbia441429
9University of the Fraser ValleyBritish Columbia521679
10Royal Roads UniversityBritish Columbia531717
11Trinity Western UniversityBritish Columbia571921
12Emily Carr University of Art and DesignBritish Columbia622229
13Capilano UniversityBritish Columbia642362
14University Canada WestBritish Columbia814765
15Quest University CanadaBritish Columbia825021
16Nicola Valley Institute of TechnologyBritish Columbia957721

List of Universities in Manitoba

List of all top 5 universities/ Colleges in Manitoba to study Abroad.

Rank in ManitobaName of Colleges/ UniversitiesLocationRank in CanadaRank in World
1University of ManitobaManitoba20312
2The University of WinnipegManitoba31916
3Brandon UniversityManitoba601991
4Canadian Mennonite UniversityManitoba774426
5Université de Saint-BonifaceManitoba784447

List of Universities in New Brunswick

List of all top 8 universities/ Colleges in New Brunswick to study Abroad.

Rank in New BrunswickName of Colleges/ UniversitiesLocationRank in CanadaRank in World
1University of New BrunswickNew Brunswick23563
2Mount Allison UniversityNew Brunswick481633
3University of MonctonNew Brunswick541749
4Yorkville UniversityNew Brunswick713493
5St. Thomas UniversityNew Brunswick734227
6Crandall UniversityNew Brunswick886018
7Kingswood UniversityNew Brunswick947357
8St. Stephen’s UniversityNew Brunswick968635

List of Universities in Newfoundland and Labrador

List of all top 2 universities/ Colleges in Newfoundland and Labrador to study Abroad.

Rank in Newfoundland and LabradorName of Colleges/ UniversitiesLocationRank in CanadaRank in World
1Memorial University of NewfoundlandNewfoundland and Labrador21400
2College of the North AtlanticNewfoundland and Labrador794599

List of Universities in Nova Scotia

List of all top 9 universities/ Colleges in Nova Scotia to study Abroad.

Rank in Nova ScotiaName of Colleges/ UniversitiesLocationRank in CanadaRank in World
1Dalhousie UniversityNova Scotia16268
2Acadia UniversityNova Scotia371130
3Saint Mary’s UniversityNova Scotia451573
4St. Francis Xavier UniversityNova Scotia501649
5Mount Saint Vincent UniversityNova Scotia632315
6Cape Breton UniversityNova Scotia682790
7NSCAD UniversityNova Scotia724072
8University of King’s CollegeNova Scotia764416
9Université Sainte-AnneNova Scotia855504

List of Universities in Ontario

List of all top 24 universities/ Colleges in Ontario to study Abroad.

Rank in OntarioName of Colleges/ UniversitiesLocationRank in CanadaRank in World
1University of TorontoOntario123
2University of WaterlooOntario472
3York UniversityOntario7114
4McMaster UniversityOntario9128
5Ryerson UniversityOntario13213
6University of GuelphOntario14240
7Carleton UniversityOntario15246
8University of OttawaOntario18278
9Brock UniversityOntario24598
10Wilfrid Laurier UniversityOntario25654
11University of WindsorOntario26658
12Trent UniversityOntario361109
13Lakehead UniversityOntario381187
14Ontario Tech UniversityOntario411261
15OCAD UniversityOntario461591
16Laurentian UniversityOntario471609
17Nipissing UniversityOntario612037
18Royal Military College of CanadaOntario652387
19Algoma UniversityOntario693134
20Redeemer University CollegeOntario835042
21Dominican University CollegeOntario906189
22University of HearstOntario936999
23Western UniversityOntario988667
24Queen’s UniversityOntario9911416

List of Universities in Quebec

List of all top 17 universities/ Colleges in Quebec to study Abroad.

Rank in QuebecName of Colleges/ UniversitiesLocationRank in CanadaRank in World
1McGill UniversityQuebec358
2Université de MontréalQuebec10144
3Université LavalQuebec12193
4Concordia UniversityQuebec19286
5University of SherbrookeQuebec22555
6Polytechnic School of MontrealQuebec30875
7University of Québec at ChicoutimiQuebec32978
8HEC MontrealQuebec331051
9University of Québec in MontréalQuebec341053
10University of QuébecQuebec351057
11School of Higher Technology – University of QuebecQuebec391230
12Bishop’s UniversityQuebec561841
13University of Québec à Trois-RivièresQuebec581929
14University of Québec in OutaouaisQuebec662558
15University of Québec in RimouskiQuebec672756
16University of Québec en Abitibi-TémiscamingueQuebec703389
17National School of Public AdministrationQuebec744269

List of Universities in Saskatchewan

List of all top 6 universities/ Colleges in Saskatchewan to study Abroad.

Rank in SaskatchewanName of Colleges/ UniversitiesLocationRank in CanadaRank in World
1University of SaskatchewanSaskatchewan17275
2University of ReginaSaskatchewan27705
3First Nations University of CanadaSaskatchewan865893
4Luther College at the University of ReginaSaskatchewan875942
5St. Thomas More CollegeSaskatchewan926994
6Campion College at the University of ReginaSaskatchewan978645

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