12 Things You Should Know Before Taking CA Online Classes

Study online at home using Mobile App, Tablets, Pen Drive, Google Drive, Laptops and personal computers. Chartered Accountancy course 2023.

CA Online Classes 2023-2024: Education system has drastically changed in last 5 years. Students now prefers to study online at home using their Mobile App (Android + iOS ), Tablets, Pen Drive, Google Drive, Laptops and personal computers. Chartered Accountancy course is compulsory to become Chartered Accountants in India.

If you are searching for CA Foundation Classes, CA Intermediate classes or CA Final classes, then you may either go for offline coaching institutes or CA online classes. Online or offline both type of studies has some Pros and Cons. But, students prefers to enroll for commencement of live classes.

You can not ignore the fact that most of candidates are choosing online classes for ICAI exams to be held in the year 2023. Offline coaching institutes are offering their classes in online mode. Tutors are available in virtual classrooms.

CA Online Classes vs Offline Learning – What’s Best?

Classes are available online for Chartered Accountancy course. I am not talking about Free ca online classes available on YouTube by ICAI. If are registered for CA course then you may searching for coaching institutes to complete your Foundation syllabus, Intermediate syllabus and final syllabus in time.

To pass in first attempt you must have to study all subjects as soon as possible and revise 3-5 times before appearing in your coming ICAI May/Nov term of CA examinations. But, most of candidates are confused and not able to decide whether they take admission for live classes or opt for recorded lectures.

CA Online Classes

Online education means purchasing online classes to study through Mobile App, Tablet, Laptop or PC at home or your preferred location. They just limit the views and fixed the time of validity for their recorded classes available with Pen Drive or Google Drive.

You can watch live classes on your android phones or iPhones by installing mobile applications provided by private institutions or teachers. Some teachers also allows their students to take advantage of mock tests for self assessment before appearing in the ICAI examinations.

Following table will show you the advantages and disadvantages of Online Education and physical classroom studies:

SL No.Online EducationOffline Education
1Time SavingTime Consuming
3Flexibility of Study TimeFixed Schedule
4Fast Complete syllabusFixed duration
5Location doesn’t matterFixed location
6Recorded Class AvailableMissed class not available
7No absent in ClassDependency on the teachers
transport and Accommodation
8No competitive environmentCompetitive Atmosphere
9IsolatingStudy with other students
10Must have self disciplineStructured & disciplined setting
11Virtual ClassroomFace to face interaction
12No Home workHome work for practice

Advantages of Online Education

  1. Time Saving: Generally, offline classes are time consuming in respect of remote location and fixed time duration. On the other hand, online/recorded classes are attended at any time as per convenience of students. Travelling time takes your 1-2 hours per class. Suppose your teacher takes 50 classes to complete your syllabus then saved travel time expected to be 100 hours (50*2) per subject. Further, many students residing at other places (City/Town or State) may be able to buy classes of the best faculty of specific subject. They will neither have to stay away from home or travel long kilometres.
  2. Inexpensive: Online classes are comparatively cheaper than face to face classes. This may be due to cost of classroom (Rent, Electricity, Staff Salary and limited seat) and other facilities provided by private coaching centres. On the other hand, there is no cost involve for providing online/recorded classes except software, device charges. Online classes are available for unlimited number of students that reduces the fixed cost for teachers.
  3. Flexibility of Study Time: You can study at your convenience anytime. That means you study in the morning, evening or in the night as per your own schedule. There is no time bound to start learning within specified period. You can study this month or the next month in accordance with you won time table and daily routine.
  4. Fast Complete Syllabus: You can study your entire syllabus as soon as possible. It is totally depends on you whether you complete your syllabus in time or waste money by expiry of validity of classes. Whereas, if you join offline class then your syllabus shall be completed in fixed duration as decided by faculty of respective subjects.
  5. Location doesn’t matter: Online classes are attended from your home or any other study places you have. On the other hand, you have to attend offline classes at the specific coaching classroom location. Location are fixed in face-to-face classes.
  6. Recorded Class Available: Online classes are available in recorded videos format which are available with you any time and anywhere. However, if you missed the single class of offline batch, you might not be able to complete the topics you absent in.
  7. No absent in Class: There is no question for absent in any class as recorded lectures are provided, you can watch any video classes any time. Physical classes are very uncertain due to personal problems, health issues, absent of teachers, holidays and traffics etc.

There are various other advantages and benefits of taking online classes. However, there are some challenges that should be considered while purchasing classes for preparation of CA Foundation Exams, CA Intermediate Exams and CA Final examinations.

Disadvantages of Online Education

  1. No competitive environment: This is one of the reason you should care about. As online classes are available for study at home, you will not get competitive environment. But, offline education i.e. face-to-face batches are full of different types of students that creates competition among them.
  2. Isolating: This is also the fact that you can’t ignore while study at home. You will feel or be alone or apart from other students. Some candidates prefers group study with friends in classroom but others wants to complete their syllabus alone.
  3. Must have self discipline: Online classes required strict discipline and time management for productive study. In fact online classes are as difficult as traditional classes. You may say that independent, disciplined and hard working students are often most successful with online classes.
  4. Virtual Classroom: Real teachers are not present at the time of study at home. For solving your doubts, you have to contact your teacher through online chat facility, online forum provided by private institutes, email and contact form on official website of that faculty. In a very rare case, you get the personal mobile number of teachers. Most of the time you have to wait for reply for an hour or even 1-2 days. On the other hand, you will get instant reply of your any question live in the face to face classroom itself.
  5. No Home work: This is very serious issue that you must try to resolve. In online classes no one will ask you whether you are practicing sums or illustrations or not. On the other hand home works given in the classroom are very helpful for self-evaluation and conceptual understanding of any topics.

If you are doing job or attending college then you might prefer to take CA online classes and study at night. Play, pause, resume and replay facility in recorded lectures are very helpful for candidates. In the offline classes you have to ask the teacher to repeat the concept once again.

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