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Online Correction Window for CA CPT/IPCC/Final Exams 2017

ICAI Online Correction Window to check and correct errors (Centre/Group/Medium) made in CA CPT/ IPCC/ Final Nov/Dec 2017 Exam Application Forms.

Have you applied for the coming examinations of CA CPT or CA Intermediate (IPC) or CA Final Nov/Dec 2017? If, Yes! You may now check and verify the details like group applied, medium opted, region/zone of examination centre. Otherwise, you may apply online for ICAI Nov/Dec Exams.

Have you committed any error at the time of filling your CA Final or CA IPCC online/offline examination forms? The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI) has launched an online correction window to view and correct mistakes, if any, committed by CA students while submitting their online exam form.

Free on-line facility to rectify Errors made in ICAI Exam Form

You may rectify or change the Exam Centre opted, Group applied for and the Medium of examination you selected for your CA IPCC exams or CA Final examination to be held in Nov, 2017. This online facility will be available to both candidates who have submitted their examination application forms online as well as to those who submitted physical examination forms, i.e. OMR forms.

There are two separate sessions to avail this online facility viz. A) Correction Window without Fee and B) Correction Window with Fee. You shall be provided with the two sessions of opportunity to rectify errors made while filling CA Intermediate (IPC) or CA Final Examination application form either online mode or Physical OMR forms.

Salient features of the facility are as follows:

  1. Manual applications seeking change of Centre/Group/Medium will not be entertained. That means you can not rectify errors through mannual application.
  2. The correction window for seeking change of errors or mistake will made available after login to your account at
  3. This online facility will be available to the candidates who have submitted their examination application forms online as well as to those who submitted physical examination forms, i.e. OMR forms.
  4. This online facility will be available to the candidates, in two separate sessions. The first opportunity (called “Correction Window”) will be free of cost and the second opportunity ( called “Corrections with fee-Window”) will be for a fee of ₹1,000/- .
  5. Candidates will be able to check the status of their request for change of Centre/Group/Medium from the above-mentioned website.

How to change CA Exam Centre or Group Applied for Nov/Dec 2017

A) Correction Window (Without Fee):

CA Institute shall host all relevant details related to your CA IPCC/Final Nov 2017 exams and contained in your examination application form submitted either online or offline mode at the official website

The first correction window will be open for a week after the last date for submission of CA Intermediate (IPC)/ Final examination application forms with late fee. ICAI will not charge any fee from candidates who will use this facility i.e. this opportunity is available free of cost.

Click here for Correction Window-I

(Available from 04/09/2017 for IPCC/Final)

(Available from 28/10/2017 for CA CPT)

Following are the opening and ending date of hosting of Correction Window -I for candidates for requesting the change of Centre/Group/Medium.

For CA CPT Dec 2017 Examination:

a) Start Date for CA CPT Dec 2017 Examination Correction Window-I is 11:00 a.m. of 28th Oct, 2017.
b) End date for CA CPT Dec 2017 Examination Correction Window-I is 4th Nov, 2017.

For CA Final/ Intermediate (IPC) Nov 2017 Examination:

a) Start Date for CA IPC/Final Nov 2017 Exam Correction Window-I is 11.00 a.m. of 4th September, 2017.
b) End date for CA IPC/ CA Final Nov 2017 Exam Correction Window-I is 11:59 p.m. of 10th September, 2017.

Admit cards will be issued to the candidates who apply through this “Correction Window-I”, after incorporating the changes sought.

B) Correction Window (With Fee):

The second opportunity is available after the closure of the Correction Window-I for seeking change of Centre/Group/ Medium of CA CPT/IPC/Final examinations. This window will open from 12th April and 12th October for CA Final and Intermediate (IPC) examinations held in May and November respectively and on 25th May and 25th November for Common Proficiency Test held in June and December respectively.

Correction Window-2 (With Fee)

(Available 12/10/2017 for CA IPCC/Final)

(Available from 25/11/2017 for CA CPT)

This “Corrections with Fee-Window” will close one week before the commencement of the relevant examination. Following are the opening and ending date of hosting of Correction Window -II for candidates for requesting the change of Centre/Group/Medium.

For CA CPT Dec 2017 Examination:

a) Start Date for CA CPT Dec 2017 Examination Correction Window-II is 25th Nov, 2017.
b) End Date for CA CPT Dec 2017 Examination Correction Window-II is 10th Dec, 2017.

For CA Final/ Intermediate (IPC) Nov 2017 Examination:

a) Start Date for CA IPC/Final Nov 2017 Exam Correction Window-II is 12th Oct, 2017.
b) End date for CA IPC/Final Nov 2017 Exam Correction Window-II is 24th Oct, 2017.

Online Application procedure to ICAI Correction Window

Follow these simple steps to verify and make change any errors if committed in your CA Exam forms:

Step-1 (Login to Correction Window):

First of all, visit the respective correction window (With or Without Fee) stated above and scroll down and click on the button I have read and understood the above. Thereafter login by providing required data details as filled in by you in May/June 2018 or November/December 2017 Exam Application Form.

  • Barcode Number (In Physical Submitted Exam Form) or Control Number (In Online Submitted Exam Form) as printed on your examination application form submitted.
  • Roll Number; and
  • Personal Identification Number (PIN) i.e. 4 Digit number of your choice which you had filled in your examination; and
  • Security Code to be displayed on screen.

Step-2 (Verify Information):

After successfully login on correction window you will see the following details on the screen you have submitted in your online examination application form.

Barcode/Control No:
Registration No:
Group Applied:
Medium Opted:
Resign of Examination Centre:
Examination Centre:
Examination Centre Code:
Examination Centre Zone:

If all above data is correct then click on No Change Required whereas if you notice any mistake or error, then click on the button Changes required.

Step-3 (Correct Errors/ Make Changes):

Now, apply for changes form appear on the same correction window which will allow you to make necessary changes for your respective exams.

Note that you shall be allowed or permitted to make changes if any, in any of the following three fields only either jointly or severally:

A) Medium Opted: You may choose the medium of examination i.e. either Hindi or English.

B) Exam Centre: You may change the city opted. However, Change of centre from one zone to another zone, within the same city shall not be permitted.

C) Group Applied: You may also select any radio button for your group preferences i.e. From first/second group to both group or from both group to any single group.

Step-4 (Upload Hand Written Application):

You are compulsory required to upload the scanned image of a handwritten application (written in running handwriting, not in all CAPS) in this regard, duly signed by you, seeking the corrections required. Note that the size of scanned image should be 8 to 200 KB.

The candidate must write an application in his/her own handwriting, sign it, scan it as a jpg file format of size 8KB to 200KB and upload the same.

If the candidate appeared for the Exam in Hindi, then the application must be in Hindi otherwise in English. Do write the Roll Number, Name, Registration Number, Month/Year of Exam and DO NOT forget to sign before scanning.

In other words, unless this condition is complied with, you would not be able to submit corrections you sought, online. However, the changes requested will be taken from what is applied thru the portal and not what is written in the scanned application.

Step-5 (Submit Form):

Look again on all field and make sure all data is correct and thereafter click on the submit button. Please be careful while changing the above fields for corrections as because once submitted, you cannot change any of the field thereafter.

After submission of request, you will see the Successful Submission confirmation on the screen.

Check Payment Status

You have to pay ₹1,000/- as fee for either one or more changes requested through correction window. However, if you seek change of Group, from single to Both Groups or Centre from India to Overseas Centre will be required to pay differential examination fee in addition to the fee of ₹1,000/- as mentioned above.

For more details or any clarifications in this regard, you may contact ICAI representative at the respective email address:

For CA Final Candidates:
For CA Intermediate(IPC) candidates:
For CA CPT candidates:

Please note that if you will apply for the same, during the period of 7 days immediately preceding the commencement of examination, your request shall not be entertained. Accordingly, CA Institute shall not be responsible/ liable in respect of any hardship and/or consequential loss/damages that may be suffered by you.

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  1. Nikhil varma says:

    What is the way we have to verify whether my exam centre has been changed or not after correction

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    can correction window-2(with fee) to be used for claiming exemption which was not claimed while filling the exam form?

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    Can the correction window be used for claiming exemption in a particular subject which was not claimed while filling the exam form??

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    If I change from Bengaluru to Pune, is it possible to change ?

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    sir I did a mistake while filing the online registration form of CA Final Examination.How to go for correction of the same?

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    sir in my correction window “no changes required” option not given only… then what to do? only changes required option there. I don’t want to make any changes

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    i filled nov2017 exam form. i mistek in selecting details for determining eligibility. i wrongly select (iii)(b)direct entry scheme-pass of cost accountant/company secretaries. my direct entry scheme-pass graduates/post graduates
    please help me any problem in i give exam and what sollution this mistek

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    while changing some corrections in cpt june 2017 correction window 2 i did not apply full i dropped in middle is it cause any dame to me please help me ?

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    Sir if I change center form Noida to Nagpur form CRO to WRO is it possible to change

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