CA Articleship Status Online – ICAI Students/ Members and Firms

Check status with ICAI for CA students, members and CA Firms. Articleship Status and search online directory of Indian Chartered Accountants.

Members and students of ICAI may check their status with the Institute. Student have to provide their registration number and chartered have to provide their membership number. CA Articleship Status available for CA Intermediate and CA Final students.

The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI) has now provided new link for checking online the status of Articleship of CA students. Members of ICAI shall also see their membership status and firm status by providing required registration or membership number.

Check your articleship status online. Many Students are willing to know their CA Articleship Status with ICAI. Accordingly, CA Institute recently had given various ways for checking the status with ICAI for Students and Members and their CA firms. I have posted all those at one Place for All of You.

NOTE: Please do not click on “Check Now” without entering your SRN/MRN in the given box.
SRN= Students Registration Number
MRN= Member Registration Number

Check Your Status with ICAI

Articleship Status 2022, 2023, 2024, 2025: – Raise a ticket in SSP or contact WRO at details given under the link

A) ICAI Articleship Status Online:

Whether your Articleship has completed or not under present principle. That means irrespective of your Articleship completion or transfer, you may right now check your Articleship starting date as well as Articleship completion date.

There are various ways to check your Articleship status with CA Institute. Most relevant links and webpages have been shared with you to check your Articleship status with ICAI.

Sometimes, server of ICAI will not work due to heavy traffic or technical problem. You may check after an hour or tomorrow. However, if you want to get your status in your inbox, please submit the prescribed form.

ICAI Database Result Error

Method-1 (CA Membership Number):

This is very simple method where you have to enter the membership number of your principle. If you have completed your Articleship then, you will see the date of registration as articled clerk and the date of Articleship completion.

Whereas, those students who have just started their Articleship then, they shall see the Articleship commencement date. There are two part of Articleship details viz. Member Article / Audit Training Details and Student Terminated / Completed Article / Audit Training Details.

Check Articleship Status by providing CA Membership Number e.g. 062582:

Method-2 (Student Registration Number):

This is the simple method where you have to provide your registration number with ICAI to see the details about the Articleship training. However, due to busy server, you may not see your Articleship status with one click. You may see message of database results error.

If this method works perfectly, you can see the details like your principle’s Membership Number, Chartered Accountants Name, articleship commencement date and Articleship completion date. Check details of Student and details of Article-ship undergone from the date of Registration.


Check Articleship Status by providing SRN (Students Registration Number) e.g. ERO0125233:


Check Articleship Status by providing SRN (Students Registration Number) e.g. ERO0112233:


Check Articleship Status by providing SRN (Students Registration Number) e.g. SRO0128233:

Method-3 (CA MRN and DOB):

If you know the date of birth of your principle and Member Registration Number then, you can see the details of your principle through Member Card. You will see the list of articled/ audit clerk undergoing articleship training.

In addition to the above details, you may check your personal records with ICAI by the following link. You may view and change your personal records with CA Institute like Correspondence Address, Email ID and mobile number etc.

You have to register yourself with ICAI by using your registration number as User ID and password shall be entered as per your preference.

B) ICAI Member and CA Firm Records:

CA Institute has also provided facility for members to see their detailed records with ICAI. Accordingly, CA may use the below mentioned web addresses to know member records and firm name search, partner / proprietor particulars, branch particulars (if any), member – firm association details.

Check ICAI member Occupation details by providing MRN (Member Registration Number) e.g. 062582:
Check ICAI Member’s Employment details by providing MRN (Member Registration Number) e.g. 062582:
(Partner / Proprietor Particulars Branch Particulars)
(Name wise Members Directory from Online Database – As on Date)

Have you checked your Articleship Status with ICAI? Note that some of the above official links may not works and ICAI may change these website address.

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