List of All Degree Colleges in Telangana for 2024

List of all Colleges in Telangana. Government and private degree college name and year of Establishment.


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List of Colleges in Karimnagar

List of Govt Colleges in Karimnagar

College NameYearManagement
Government Degree College, Choppadandi2008State Government
Government Degree College For Women, Jagtial1998State Government
Government Degree College, Husnabad2008State Government
Government Degree College, Mahadevapur2008State Government
Government Degree College, Metpally2008State Government
Government Degree College, Nerella, Gambhirraopet2008State Government
Govt. Degree College, Agraharam1987State Government
Govt. Degree College For Women, Karimnagar1973State Government
Govt. Degree College, Godhavarikhani1981State Government
Govt. Degree College, Huzurabad1993State Government
Govt. Degree College, Jammikunta1965State Government
Govt. Degree College, Koratla1981State Government
Govt. Degree College, Manthani1981State Government
Govt, Degree College, Paddapally1987State Government
Sknr Government Arts & Science College, Dharmapuri Road, Jagtial1965State Government
Srr Govt. Degree College, Karimnagar1956State Government
Telangana Social Welfare Residential Degree College For Women, Karimnagar2016State Government
Telangana Tribal Welfare Residential Degree College For Boys Karimnagar2017State Government
List of Govt Colleges in Karimnagar

List of Private Colleges in Karimnagar

College NameYearManagement
Rousseau Institute of Management Studies2007Private Aided
Apoorva Institute of Management & Sciences, Bhupathipoor2009Private Aided
Janardhan Reddy College of Education Indiranagar Colony, Huzurabad2007Private Aided
Sln Degree College , Gundlapally (V), Bejjanki2006Private Aided
Trinity College of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Pragathinagar, Peddapally, Karimnagar2004Private Aided
Vivekananda Degree College, Husnabad2002Private Aided
Alexander College, Mugdumpoor2010Private Un-Aided
Cvm College of Pharmacy2009Private Un-Aided
Jyothishmathi Institute of Technological Sciences, Thimmapur2008Private Un-Aided
Jyothishmathi Institute of Technology & Science, Nusthulapur1997Private Un-Aided
Jyothismathi Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences2007Private Un-Aided
Kamala Institute of Technology & Science1997Private Un-Aided
Mother Theresa College of Engineering & Technology1999Private Un-Aided
Nigama Engineering College2008Private Un-Aided
Sree Chaitanya College of Engineering2004Private Un-Aided
Sree Chaitanya Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences2008Private Un-Aided
Sree Chaitanya Institute of Technological Sciences2008Private Un-Aided
Sree Chaitanya Pg College (Mba)2001Private Un-Aided
Srm Pg College(Mba)1997Private Un-Aided
Srm Pg College(Mca)1997Private Un-Aided
Trinity College of Engineering And Technology2008Private Un-Aided
Trinity College of Engineering & Technology2008Private Un-Aided
Vaageswari Institute of Management Sciences2008Private Un-Aided
Vageswari College of Engineering2005Private Un-Aided
Vageswari Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences2007Private Un-Aided
Vivekananda Institute of Technology And Science2004Private Un-Aided
Chalmeda Ananda Rao Institute of Medical Sciences, College of Nursing,Bommakal2006Private Un-Aided
Chalmeda Ananda Rao Institute of Medical Sciences, Karimnagar2003Private Un-Aided
Prathima College of Nursing, Karimnagar2002Private Un-Aided
Prathima Institute of Medical Sciences, Karimnagar2001Private Un-Aided
Sai Institute of  College of Physiotherapy2003Private Un-Aided
Santosh College of Nursing, Karimnagar2003Private Un-Aided
Sivananda College of Nursing, Karimnagar2003Private Un-Aided
Srm Institute of Medical Sciences & Technology, KarimnagarPrivate Un-Aided
Akshaya Degree College2006Private Un-Aided
A.K. Vishwantha Reddy Degree College, Mulkanoor, Bheemadevarapally2003Private Un-Aided
Aleti Raja Reddy Degree College, Velagtoor.2010Private Un-Aided
Alexander B.Ed. College2017Private Un-Aided
Alexander Degree College2014Private Un-Aided
Alphores Institute of Mathematical Sciences, Vavilalapally, Karimnagar1996Private Un-Aided
Alphores Womens Degree & Pg College Jagtial Road, Karimnagar2000Private Un-Aided
Anurag Degree College Sircilla2013Private Un-Aided
Anurag Degree College Sultanabad2014Private Un-Aided
Apoorva Womens Degree College1991Private Un-Aided
Arora Degree College, Mukarampura ,  Karimnagar2009Private Un-Aided
Aurora Degree College, Medipally(West)2010Private Un-Aided
Avanthi Degree College2014Private Un-Aided
Ayyappa Degree College, Mpp Road, Ellanthakunta2009Private Un-Aided
Ayyappa Degree College, Vidyanagar, Near Sbh, Sircilla2005Private Un-Aided
Brilliant Degree College, Sbh Lane, Sircilla2002Private Un-Aided
Chanakya Degree College,Mallapur2014Private Un-Aided
Chanakya Degree College, Near City Cable, Jammikunta2004Private Un-Aided
Chanakya Degree & Pg College, Near City Cable, Jammikunta2009Private Un-Aided
Crescent College of Education , Mukarampura, Karimnagar2002Private Un-Aided
Dharmika Degree College2014Private Un-Aided
Gandhi Memorial Degree & Pg College, Markandeya Colony, Godavarikhani2002Private Un-Aided
Gayathri Degree College,Jammikunta2013Private Un-Aided
Gayathri Degree College, (V&M):Yellareddypet2005Private Un-Aided
Githanjali Degree College2013Private Un-Aided
Gnanodaya Degree College, Near Court Metpally2001Private Un-Aided
Gnanodaya Degree College Opp: Bypass, Raikal2008Private Un-Aided
Gourishetty Venkataiah Memorial College of Education, Jagitial Road, Knr2003Private Un-Aided
Harshasri Degree College-Velgatoor2013Private Un-Aided
Jagruthi Degree College, 20-462, Vidyanagar, Huzurabad2005Private Un-Aided
Jawaharlar Nehru College of Education Mallaram Rd, Vemulawada1999Private Un-Aided
Jayasree Degree College, Karimnagar1991Private Un-Aided
Justice Kumaraiah College of Law, Mukteshwara Complex, M.M. Thota, Karimnagar1990Private Un-Aided
Jyothi College of Education, Thadoor (V), Sircilla (M), Knr2003Private Un-Aided
Jyothishmathi College of Education, Ramakrishna Colony, Nustulapur, Karimnagar2007Private Un-Aided
Kakatiya Institute And Management Studies, Kothapally (H), Karimnagar1993Private Un-Aided
Kims College of Law2019Private Un-Aided
Loyola College of Education, Rekurthi, Malkapur (P), Karimnagar2007Private Un-Aided
Maharshi Degree College,  Godavarikhani2002Private Un-Aided
Mahathi Womens Degree College,Sircilla2013Private Un-Aided
Manair College of Education, Karimnagar2005Private Un-Aided
Mathrusri Degree College, Gandhi Nagar Road, Huzurabad2005Private Un-Aided
Nalanda Degree College , Karimnagar Road, Jagtial2005Private Un-Aided
Narendra Degree College,  Choulamaddi (V), Metpally2005Private Un-Aided
Navodaya Degree College, Dharmapuri2010Private Un-Aided
Nigama College of Physical Education2015Private Un-Aided
Nsv Degree College Near Old Bus Stand, Jagtial2006Private Un-Aided
Pavlov College of Teacher Education2012Private Un-Aided
Pragathi Degree College, Gopalrao Pet, Ramadugu2008Private Un-Aided
Pragathi Degree College, Kalvacherla, Kamanpur2008Private Un-Aided
Ramakrishna Degree College Jhansi Road Korutla2011Private Un-Aided
Rama Krishna Degree & Pg College Vani Nagar, Jagtial2000Private Un-Aided
Rashmidhar Teja College of Education, Near D40 Canal, Kousalyanagar, Koratla2003Private Un-Aided
Rashmidhar Teja Degree College , Opp: Bus Stand, Koratla2003Private Un-Aided
Rbvrr College of Education, Karimnagar2004Private Un-Aided
Roshini Degree College,  Raghavulu Nagar, Near Bus Stand Manthani2007Private Un-Aided
Rousseau College of Teacher Education, Venkatraopally, Narsingapur (P), Boinpalli (M), Karimnagar2002Private Un-Aided
Sadhana Degree College -70692013Private Un-Aided
Sadhana Degree College Sultanabad2014Private Un-Aided
Sai Ram Degree College, Mukku Bachi Mallaiah Housing Complex, Market Road, Jammikunta2003Private Un-Aided
Sanga Mithra Degree College For Women, Jammikunta2011Private Un-Aided
Sanga Mitra Degree & Pg College, Akkannapet Road, Husnabad2005Private Un-Aided
Satavahana Degree College, Huzurabad1996Private Un-Aided
Shivani Degree & Pg College , Mankammathota, Karimnagar2002Private Un-Aided
Shree Vashista B.Ed. College2016Private Un-Aided
Shree Vashista College of Education Near Vaartha Unit, Algunoor, Thimmapur, Karimnagar2007Private Un-Aided
Siddartha Degree College2014Private Un-Aided
Sklnr College of Education, Saraswathi Nagar, Jagtial2007Private Un-Aided
Sree Chaitanya Degree College Choppadandi2014Private Un-Aided
Sree Chaitanya Degree College, Gollapally2011Private Un-Aided
Sree Chaitanya Degree College, M.M.Thota, Karimnagar1997Private Un-Aided
Sreenidhi Degree College, Kurikyal2010Private Un-Aided
Sri Arunodaya Degree College Kathalapur2011Private Un-Aided
Sri Arunodaya Degree College, Koratla1994Private Un-Aided
Sri Chaitany Degree College, Dharmapuri2010Private Un-Aided
Sri Chaitnya Degree College,  Main Road, Godavarikhani2005Private Un-Aided
Sri Geervani College of Education (B.Ed.)2015Private Un-Aided
Sri Hamsavahini Degree College2013Private Un-Aided
Sri Harshitha Degree College,Kataram2010Private Un-Aided
Sri Mithra Degree College Musthabad2007Private Un-Aided
Sri Raja Rajeshwara Degree College2013Private Un-Aided
Sri Shivani Degree College,Sircilla2013Private Un-Aided
Sri Shivani Institute of Management, Ganagadhara,Karimnagar2011Private Un-Aided
Sri Vaagdevi Degree College, Huzurabad2005Private Un-Aided
Srivani Degree College,  Old Janda, Sultanabad2005Private Un-Aided
Srivani Womens Degree College2014Private Un-Aided
Sri Vidya Jyothi Degree College Sri Ram Nagar, Jagtial2006Private Un-Aided
Sri Vyshnavi Degree College, Jagtial2013Private Un-Aided
Srm Degree &Pg College, Geetha Bhavan Chowrasta, Mukarampura, Karimnagar1996Private Un-Aided
Srr College of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Valbhapur (V), Elkaturthi (M), Karimnagar2002Private Un-Aided
Surya College of Education, Vill&Post: Nukapally  Mond: Malyala, Jagtial2002Private Un-Aided
Swamy Vivekananda Degree College, Near Bus Stand, Dharmaram2008Private Un-Aided
Trinity College of Education, Kasulapally, Peddapally2007Private Un-Aided
Trinity College of Education,  Peddapally1999Private Un-Aided
Trinity College of Education, Station Road, Peddapally2007Private Un-Aided
Trinity Degree College Jyothi Nagar, Ntpc, Ramagundam2005Private Un-Aided
Trinity Degree College, Pragathi Nagar, Peddapally2005Private Un-Aided
Vaageswari College of Pharmacy, Beside Lmd Police Station, Thimmapur, Karimnagar2004Private Un-Aided
Vaageswari Degree College Mukarampura Road, Karimnagar2007Private Un-Aided
Vagdevi Degree College, Korutla Road, Beside Amc, Vemulawada2005Private Un-Aided
Vaishnavi Degree College, Korutla Road, Vemulawada2005Private Un-Aided
Vani Niketan Degree & Pg College , Mukarampura, Karimnagar1994Private Un-Aided
Vani Niketan Institute of Managemtnt Studies, Mukarampura, Karimnagar-5050022008Private Un-Aided
Vani Nikethan Vidya Samithi,  Mukarampura, Karimnagar2007Private Un-Aided
Vanisri Degree College Karimnagar2005Private Un-Aided
Vasavi Degree College, Kalvasrirampur2011Private Un-Aided
Vennela Degree College2011Private Un-Aided
Vidyalatha Degree College of Commerce & Business Management Karimnagar2002Private Un-Aided
Vikas Deegree College,  Mankammathota, Karimnagar2002Private Un-Aided
Vikas Degree College, 70-2-51, Sidhulawada, Sircilla2001Private Un-Aided
Vikas Degree College, Rathnapur (V), Kamanpur2008Private Un-Aided
Vivekananda Degree College, Sirisilla2013Private Un-Aided
Vivekananda Degree & Pg College, Jagtial Road, Karimnagar1993Private Un-Aided
Vodithala Srinivasa Rao Degree College Huzurabad2005Private Un-Aided
List of Private Colleges in Karimnagar

List of Other Institutes in Karimnagar

College NameYearManagement
Agricultural College, Jagtial
Apoorva Degree College, Karimnagar2002Local Body
Sardar Patel Degree College2014Local Body
Jntuh College of Engineering Jagityala2007University
Jntuh College of Engineering Manthani2010University
Kims College of Hotel Management2018University
Kims Degree & Pg College, Near Bus Stand, Opp. Kalabharathi Lane, Karimnagar1997University
List of Other Institutes in Karimnagar

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