List of All Degree Colleges in Telangana for 2024

List of all Colleges in Telangana. Government and private degree college name and year of Establishment.


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List of Colleges in Nalgonda

List of Govt Colleges in Nalgonda

College NameYearManagement
Government Medical College2018State Government
Nightingale College of Nursing2017State Government
Government Degree College, Alir2008State Government
Government Degree College, Rammannapet1994State Government
Govt. College of Teacher Educaiton, Nagarjunasagar1969State Government
Govt. Degree College For Women, Nalgonda1977State Government
Knm Govt. Degree College, Miryalguda1981State Government
Mkr Govt Degree College, Devarakonda1981State Government
Nagarjuna Govt. College, Nalgonda1956State Government
Telangana Social Welfare Residential Degree College For Women – Nalgonda2016State Government
Telangana Tribal Welfare Residential Degree College For Women2017State Government
List of Govt Colleges in Nalgonda

List of Private Colleges in Nalgonda

College NameYearManagement
Aurora’s Engineering College1998Private Aided
St. Mary’s Engineering College2007Private Aided
Vathsalya Institute of Science & Technology2001Private Aided
Deepthi College of Nursiing, Nalgonda2006Private Aided
Kamineni Inst. of Medical Sciences, Narketpally1999Private Aided
Kamineni Inst. of Paramedical Sciences, Nalgonda2004Private Aided
Sri Chaitanya Degree College, Maal2011Private Aided
Sri Lakshmi Narasimha Swamy College, Bhongir1973Private Aided
Sri Santosh Degree College, MotkurPrivate Aided
Sri Venkateshwara Degree College, Suryapet1971Private Aided
Anurag Engineering College2001Private Un-Aided
Anurag Pharmcy College2007Private Un-Aided
Ashoka Business School2014Private Un-Aided
Ashoka Institute of Engineering And Technology2009Private Un-Aided
Immanuel Business School2012Private Un-Aided
Kbr Engineering College2008Private Un-Aided
Khader Memorial College of Engineering & Technology2002Private Un-Aided
Kodada Institute of Technology &Science For Women2008Private Un-Aided
Madhira Institute of Technology And Sciences2001Private Un-Aided
Madhira Institute of Technology & Science, Kodad2005Private Un-Aided
Mina Institute of Engineering & Technology For Women2008Private Un-Aided
Nalanda College of Pharmacy, Charlapally1995Private Un-Aided
Netaji Institute of Engineering & Technology2004Private Un-Aided
Nethaji Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences2007Private Un-Aided
Nizam Institute of Pharmacy2005Private Un-Aided
Prathishtha Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences2007Private Un-Aided
Rklk Pg College2010Private Un-Aided
Sana College of Pharmacy2007Private Un-Aided
Sana Engineering College2003Private Un-Aided
Sri Sai Educational Society’s Group of Institutions2009Private Un-Aided
Sri Venkateswara Engineering College1998Private Un-Aided
St. Mary’s Group of Institutions2001Private Un-Aided
Suprabhath P G College, Raghavapur2008Private Un-Aided
Swami Ramananda Thirtha Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences2007Private Un-Aided
Swami Vivekananda Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences2007Private Un-Aided
Teja College of Pharmacy2007Private Un-Aided
Unity College of Pharmacy, Raigir2007Private Un-Aided
Unity Pg College, Raigir2009Private Un-Aided
Venkateswara Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences2007Private Un-Aided
Vignan Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences2006Private Un-Aided
Vignan Institute of Technology & Sciences1998Private Un-Aided
Vikas College of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Rayanigudem2004Private Un-Aided
Chandana B.Sc Medical Lab Technology, Nalgonda2003Private Un-Aided
Chandana College of Nursing, Suryapet2006Private Un-Aided
Dr. B.R. Ambedkar Paramedical Sciences, Nalgonda2014Private Un-Aided
Kamineni Inst. of Dental Sciences, Narketpally2001Private Un-Aided
Kamineni Inst. of Medical Sciences, College of Nursing, Narketpally2004Private Un-Aided
Pier Giorgio Frassati College of Nursing, Suryapet2011Private Un-Aided
Sri Bhavana College of Nursing, Nalgonda2006Private Un-Aided
Sri Sai College of Nursing, Nalgonda2003Private Un-Aided
Sri Sai College of Physiotheraphy, Nalgonda2001Private Un-Aided
Alimineti Madhava Reddy Memorial College of Education, Choutuppal2003Private Un-Aided
Al-Madina College of Education, Nalgonda2011Private Un-Aided
Al Rahaman College of Education2014Private Un-Aided
Arunodaya Degree College, Nakrekal2003Private Un-Aided
A.V.M College of Education, Nkrekal2003Private Un-Aided
Avm Degree College, Nakrekal1992Private Un-Aided
Avm Pg College, Nakrekal2008Private Un-Aided
Bharathi Degree College (C Code 4092)2013Private Un-Aided
Bhavitha Degree College2014Private Un-Aided
Bhongir College of Educaiton Bhongir1999Private Un-Aided
Chaitanya Bharathi Degree College, Huzurnagar1991Private Un-Aided
Chinmay Chandramathi College of Educaiton, Devarakonda2005Private Un-Aided
Don Bosco College of Education2017Private Un-Aided
Don Bosco Degree College, Nalgonda2005Private Un-Aided
Don Bosco Pg Coollege Nalgonda2010Private Un-Aided
Dr. Muscu Madhusudan Reddy College of Physical Education2012Private Un-Aided
Dugyala Gopal Rao Memorial Degree College, Thungaturthy2005Private Un-Aided
Dvm College of Business Management, Cherlapally2009Private Un-Aided
Dvm College of Education, Nalgonda1984Private Un-Aided
Enrich Christian College of Educaiton, Marriguda2001Private Un-Aided
Ev Reddy Memorial Degree College, Kodad1991Private Un-Aided
Gokul College of Educaiton, Nalgonda1984Private Un-Aided
Goutami Degree College, Bhongir1994Private Un-Aided
Goutami Degree College, Suryapet1994Private Un-Aided
Hasitha Womens Degree College ,Miryalguda2013Private Un-Aided
Hrd College For Teacher Education, Devarakonda2005Private Un-Aided
Jagruthi Degree College, Bhongir2003Private Un-Aided
Jagruthi Pg College, Bhongir2008Private Un-Aided
Jbm Degree College, Narayanpur2011Private Un-Aided
Kakatiya Degree College, Nalgonda1993Private Un-Aided
Kakatiya Pg College Nalgonda1998Private Un-Aided
Kavitha Memorial College of Education2007Private Un-Aided
Kranthi Degree College2014Private Un-Aided
Maharshi Degree College, Suryapet2005Private Un-Aided
Marriguda Degree College, Marriguda1994Private Un-Aided
Matrushri Degree College, Choutuppal2005Private Un-Aided
Mc Memorial Degree College, Halia2002Private Un-Aided
Mjr College of Educaiton, Mirriguda2007Private Un-Aided
Mother Teresa College of Educaiton, Anantaram2002Private Un-Aided
Mrr Memorial Degree College, Kodad1993Private Un-Aided
Nagarjuna College of Educaiton, Miryalaguda2003Private Un-Aided
Nagarjuna Pg College(Mca), Miryalaguda2000Private Un-Aided
Nalanda College of Arts & Commerce, Choutuppal1992Private Un-Aided
Nalanda Degree College, Miryalaguda2003Private Un-Aided
Nalanda Degree College, Nalgonda1991Private Un-Aided
Nalgonda Degree College, Nalgonda1991Private Un-Aided
Neelagiri Degree & Pg College, Nalgonda2002Private Un-Aided
New Arabindo Degree College, Neredcherla1994Private Un-Aided
Padala Degree College, Thurkapally2011Private Un-Aided
Pjrs Sahithi Degree College Devarakonda2014Private Un-Aided
Pragathi Arts&Science Degree College, Tirumalgiri1994Private Un-Aided
Pragathi Degree College, Choutuppal2009Private Un-Aided
Pragathi Degree College, Valigonda2005Private Un-Aided
Priyadarshani Degree College, Huzurnagar1991Private Un-Aided
Ramakrishna Degree College, Halia1994Private Un-Aided
Riyan College of Education2014Private Un-Aided
Rklk College of Educaiton, Suryapet2004Private Un-Aided
Rklk Degree College, Suryapet1989Private Un-Aided
Rklk Pg College Suryapet2005Private Un-Aided
Sairam Degree College, Motkur2005Private Un-Aided
Samatha Degree College, Miryalaguda2013Private Un-Aided
Sana College of Teacher Educaiton, Kodad2002Private Un-Aided
Sanjeevani College of Education, Kondamallepally2007Private Un-Aided
Shalivahana Degree College, Suryapet1997Private Un-Aided
Shanthinikethan Degree College Kampasagar2013Private Un-Aided
Shanthinikethan Pg College, Miryalaguda2005Private Un-Aided
Shantiniketan Degree College, Miryalaguda1990Private Un-Aided
Shantinikethan College of Educaiotion, Miryalaguda2007Private Un-Aided
Siddartha Degree&Pg College, Nalgonda1993Private Un-Aided
Siddhartha Degree College, Suryapet1989Private Un-Aided
Siddu College of Educaion, Huzurnagar2008Private Un-Aided
Soghra College of Teacher Educaiton, Konda Bheemanapally2002Private Un-Aided
Spandana Degree&Pg College, Suryapet2003Private Un-Aided
Sri Aurobindo College of Education2017Private Un-Aided
Sri Chaitanya Degree College Miryalguda2013Private Un-Aided
Sri Chaitanya Degree College, Nalgonda2002Private Un-Aided
Sri Hindu Degree College, Ramannapet2006Private Un-Aided
Sri Mallikarjuna Degree College, Nakrekal2003Private Un-Aided
Sri Matha Saraswathi Degree College, Atmakur2013Private Un-Aided
Sri Nagarjuna Degree College, Miryalaguda1994Private Un-Aided
Sri Navabharat Degree College, Bhongir1994Private Un-Aided
Sri Navabharat Degree & Pg College Bhongir2009Private Un-Aided
Sri Raghavendra College of Education, Nalgonda2007Private Un-Aided
Sri Raghavendra Degree College, Nalgonda1989Private Un-Aided
Sri Ramalingeshwara Degree College Narketpally2005Private Un-Aided
Sri Sai Bharthi Degree And Pg College Nalgonda1994Private Un-Aided
Sri Sai Triveni Degree College, Suryapet1994Private Un-Aided
Sri Sai Triveni Pg College Suryapet2007Private Un-Aided
Sri Sai Vikas Degree College, Kodad1991Private Un-Aided
Sri Saraswathi Degree College, Rajapet2008Private Un-Aided
Sri Saraswathi Degree College Thirumalagiri2013Private Un-Aided
Sri Satyasai Degree Ocllege, Devarakonda1997Private Un-Aided
Sri Siddhartha Degree College, Munugode2013Private Un-Aided
Sri Sneha Degree College, Bhongir2005Private Un-Aided
Sri Ujwala Degree College(Co-Education), Suryapet1994Private Un-Aided
Sri Vasavi Degree College Nagarjuna Sagar1993Private Un-Aided
Sri Venkateshwara College of Education, Kondamallepally2006Private Un-Aided
Sri Venkateshwara Degree College, Alair1995Private Un-Aided
Srivenkateshwara Degree College, Kondamallepally2001Private Un-Aided
Sri Venkateshwara Degree College, Maal2013Private Un-Aided
Sri Venkateshwara Degree & Pg College, Kodad1993Private Un-Aided
Sri Vidyabharati Degree College, Nalgonda1999Private Un-Aided
Sri Vinayaka Degree College, Suryapeta2005Private Un-Aided
Sri Vivek Degree College Nuthankal(4091)2012Private Un-Aided
Srujana Degree College, Halia2002Private Un-Aided
Stanford College of Education, Hanumapur2003Private Un-Aided
Stanford Pg College, Bhongir2003Private Un-Aided
Stanford Womens Degree College, Bhongir2004Private Un-Aided
St. Francis College of Education, Suryapet2002Private Un-Aided
Suguna Degree College, Kodad2003Private Un-Aided
Syed Jamal Memorial College of Education, Kodad2012Private Un-Aided
Triveni Arts & Science Degree College, Kodad1993Private Un-Aided
Ujwala Degree College, Valigonda2005Private Un-Aided
Vaagdevi Womens Degree College, Devarakonda2014Private Un-Aided
Vasavi Degree College Nakrekal1988Private Un-Aided
Vasthsalya College of Business Management, Bhongir2003Private Un-Aided
Vennela Institute of Business Administration, Annantharam2009Private Un-Aided
Vijetha Degree College, Miryalaguda1994Private Un-Aided
Vijetha Degree College, Suryapet2005Private Un-Aided
Vikas Christian College of Education, Suryapet2003Private Un-Aided
List of Private Colleges in Nalgonda

List of Other Institutes in Nalgonda

College NameYearManagement
Gopala Krishna College of Physical Education
Netaji School of  Management2012University
Sneha College of Nursing, Nalgonda2009University
Government Degree College, Chandur2008University
Srinidhi Degree College, Deverakonda2014University
List of Other Institutes in Nalgonda

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