List of All Degree Colleges in Telangana for 2024

List of all Colleges in Telangana. Government and private degree college name and year of Establishment.


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List of Colleges in Rangareddi

List of Govt Colleges in Rangareddi

College NameYearManagement
Deepthi College of Nursing2017State Government
Shadan College of Medical Lab Technology, Hyderabad2004State Government
Govt. Degree College (Chavella)2008State Government
Govt. Degree College (Hayathnagar)2008State Government
Govt. Degree College (Kukatpally)2008State Government
Govt. Degree College (Tandur)2008State Government
New Govternment Degree College, Serilingampally2014State Government
Telangana Social Welfare Residential Degree College For Women LbnagarState Government
Telangana Social Welfare Residential Law College For Women2020State Government
Telangana Tribal Welfare Degree College For Woman Shadnagar2017State Government
List of Govt Colleges in Rangareddi

List of Private Colleges in Rangareddi

College NameYearManagement
Gyana Jyothi College of Pharmacy2007Private Aided
Institute of Aeronautical Engineering2000Private Aided
Kasireddy Narayan Reddy College of Engineering & Research2008Private Aided
Marri Educational Society’s Marri Laxman Reddy Institute of Technology And Management2009Private Aided
Mlr Institute of Pharmacy2007Private Aided
Princeton Institute of Engineering & Technology For Women2009Private Aided
Sri Venkateshwara College of Architecture1996Private Aided
Kalanjali College of Nursing, Hyderabad2006Private Aided
Hellen Keller’s Instiute of Research And Rehabilitation For The Disabled Children1985Private Aided
Sap Degree College1968Private Aided
St. Pauls College of Pharmacy2007Private Aided
Abhinav Hi-Tech College of Engineering & Technology2002Private Un-Aided
Ace Engineering College2007Private Un-Aided
Annamacharya Institute of Technology & Sciences2005Private Un-Aided
Anurag College of Engineering2008Private Un-Aided
Anurag Group of Institutions2002Private Un-Aided
Arjun College of Technology & Science2006Private Un-Aided
Aurora’s Scientific And Technological Institute2003Private Un-Aided
Aurora’s Technological And Research Institute1999Private Un-Aided
Avanthi Institute of Engineering & Technology2005Private Un-Aided
Avanthi Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences2007Private Un-Aided
Avanthi’s Pg & Research Academy2008Private Un-Aided
Avanthi’s Scientific Technological & Research Academy2008Private Un-Aided
Avn Institute of Engineering & Technology2009Private Un-Aided
Azad College of Pharmacy2005Private Un-Aided
Bandari Srinivas Institute of Technology2003Private Un-Aided
Bharat Institute of Engineering & Technology2001Private Un-Aided
Bharthat Institute of Technology1999Private Un-Aided
Bhart School of Pharmacy (Formerly) Nava Bharat Institute of  Pharmaceutical And Medical Sciences2007Private Un-Aided
Bhaskar Engineering College2007Private Un-Aided
Bhaskar Pharmacy College2007Private Un-Aided
Brilliant  Grammar School Educational Society’s Group of Institutions- Integrated Campus2009Private Un-Aided
Brilliant Institute of Engineering & Technology2008Private Un-Aided
Cmr Engineering College2010Private Un-Aided
Cvr College of Engineering2001Private Un-Aided
Drk Institute of Science & Technology2004Private Un-Aided
Dr. Vrk Women’s College of Engineering & Technology2002Private Un-Aided
Geetanjali College of Engineering & Technology2005Private Un-Aided
Geethanjali College of Pharmacy2007Private Un-Aided
Global College of Pharmacy2007Private Un-Aided
Global Institute of Engineering & Technology2006Private Un-Aided
Guru Nanak Institute of Technology1999Private Un-Aided
Guru Nanak Institutions Technical Campus2001Private Un-Aided
Holy Mary Institute of Technology2008Private Un-Aided
Holy Mary Institute of Technology & Science2001Private Un-Aided
Holy Mary Institute of Technology & Science College of Pharmacy2005Private Un-Aided
Hyderabad Institute of Technology & Management2001Private Un-Aided
Jb Institute of Engineering & Technology1998Private Un-Aided
J J College of Pharamcy2005Private Un-Aided
Joginapally B.R Pharmacy College2007Private Un-Aided
Joginpally B.R Engineering College2002Private Un-Aided
K.G Reddy College of Engineering & Technology2008Private Un-Aided
Kommuri Pratap Reddy Institute of Technology2008Private Un-Aided
K.V.K College of Pharmacy2007Private Un-Aided
Mak College of Pharmacy, Chilkoor2011Private Un-Aided
Malla Reddy College of Engineering For Women2008Private Un-Aided
Malla Reddy College of Engineering & Technology2004Private Un-Aided
Malla Reddy Institute of Technology & Sciences2005Private Un-Aided
Megha Institute of Engineering & Technology For Women2008Private Un-Aided
Mrm College of Pharamacy2008Private Un-Aided
Nalla Malla Reddy Engineering College2001Private Un-Aided
Nalla Narasimha Reddy Education Society Group of Institutions2009Private Un-Aided
Narsimha Reddy Engineering College2007Private Un-Aided
Nobel College of Engineering & Technology For Women2008Private Un-Aided
Pallavi Engineering College2009Private Un-Aided
Princeton College of Engineering & Technology2002Private Un-Aided
Princeton College of Pharmacy2007Private Un-Aided
Samskruti College of Engineering & Technology2005Private Un-Aided
Scient Institute of Pharmacy2007Private Un-Aided
Scient Institute of Technology2001Private Un-Aided
Siddhartha Institute of Engineering & Technology2008Private Un-Aided
Siddhartha Institute of Pharmacy2014Private Un-Aided
Siddhartha Institute of Technology & Science2008Private Un-Aided
Sphoorthy Engineering College2004Private Un-Aided
Sree Dattaha Group of Institutions2010Private Un-Aided
Sree Dattha Institute of  Engineering And Science2001Private Un-Aided
Sree Dattha Institute of Pharmacy2005Private Un-Aided
Sreenidi Institute of Science &Technology1997Private Un-Aided
Sri Chaitanya Technical Campus2009Private Un-Aided
Sri Indu College of Engineering & Technology2001Private Un-Aided
Sri Indu Institute of Engineering And Technology2007Private Un-Aided
Sri Indu Institute of Pharmacy2005Private Un-Aided
Ssj College of Pharmacy2007Private Un-Aided
St. Martin’s Engineering College2002Private Un-Aided
St.Marys Integrated Campus Hyderabad2009Private Un-Aided
St. Peter’s Engineering College2007Private Un-Aided
Teegala Krishna Reddy Engineering College2005Private Un-Aided
Teegala Ram Reddy College of Pharmacy2006Private Un-Aided
Vardaman College of Engineering1999Private Un-Aided
Vif College of Engineering & Technology2001Private Un-Aided
Vignana Bharathi Engineering College2004Private Un-Aided
Vignana Bharathi Institute of Technology2004Private Un-Aided
Vignan’s Institute of Management & Technology For Women2008Private Un-Aided
Vijaya College of Pharmacy2006Private Un-Aided
Vision College of Pharmaceutical Sciences2007Private Un-Aided
Visvesvaraya College of Engineering Technology2007Private Un-Aided
Ashoka School of Planning And Architecture2015Private Un-Aided
Aurora’s Design Institute2015Private Un-Aided
Csiit College of Architecture1996Private Un-Aided
Vaishnavi School of Architecture And Planning2010Private Un-Aided
Apex College of Nursing, Hyderabad2010Private Un-Aided
Ayaan Institute of Medical Sciences2018Private Un-Aided
Bhaskar Medical College, Yenkapally2003Private Un-Aided
Devs College of Nursing, Keesara2010Private Un-Aided
Devs Homoeopathy Medical College & Hospital, Keesara2010Private Un-Aided
Dr Patnam Mahender Reddy Institute of Medical Sciences2012Private Un-Aided
Dr. Vrk Women’s Medical College, Aziznagar2010Private Un-Aided
Image Madhapur College of Nursing, Yapral2008Private Un-Aided
Indian Institute of Public Health Hyderabad2008Private Un-Aided
Jims Homoeopathic Medical College And Hospital2015Private Un-Aided
Kamineni Academy of Medical Sciences And Research Centre2013Private Un-Aided
Mahila Dakshata Samithi And Bansilal Malani College of Nursing2017Private Un-Aided
Mallareddy College of Nursing, Suraram, Hyderabad2010Private Un-Aided
Malla Reddy Medical College For Women2013Private Un-Aided
Mediciti College of Nursing, Medchal2006Private Un-Aided
Mediciti Inst. of Medical Sciences, Ghanapur2001Private Un-Aided
Mother Theresa College of B.Sc Nursing, Hyderabad2005Private Un-Aided
Shadan Institute of Medical Sciences, Hyderabad2005Private Un-Aided
Shadan Inst. of Medical Sciences College of Nursing, Hyderabad2004Private Un-Aided
Shadhan Institute of Medical Sciences Teaching Hospital And Research Center, College of Physiotheraphy,Hyderabad2004Private Un-Aided
Sita Ramaiah College of Nursing, Hyderabad2008Private Un-Aided
Sri Balaji Dental College2014Private Un-Aided
Sri Sai College of Dental Surgery, Vikarabad2001Private Un-Aided
Aadhya Degree College For Women2004Private Un-Aided
Abhyasa Women’s College2014Private Un-Aided
Academy of Management Studies2009Private Un-Aided
Aims College of Hotel Management  And Catering Technology2016Private Un-Aided
Annie Besant Women’s College, Saroornagar2014Private Un-Aided
Anurag Degree & P.G College1991Private Un-Aided
Aradhana College of Education2002Private Un-Aided
Aristotle P.G.College2001Private Un-Aided
Ashritha Womens Degree College2005Private Un-Aided
Aurobindo College of Business Management2004Private Un-Aided
Aurobindo Institute of Computer Science (Olive P.G College For Computer Science)1999Private Un-Aided
Aurora’s P.G. College-Mba1996Private Un-Aided
Aurora’s P.G. College-Mca1999Private Un-Aided
Azad Institute of Management1999Private Un-Aided
Bhageeratha College of Education2019Private Un-Aided
Bhagyaradhi Degree College1990Private Un-Aided
Bhasker Law College2008Private Un-Aided
Bright Institute of Management2002Private Un-Aided
Brindavan Institute of Teacher Education2007Private Un-Aided
Capital Degree College, L B Nagar2014Private Un-Aided
Chaitanya Degree College, Chevella2014Private Un-Aided
Chaitanya Degree College (Shamshabad)2008Private Un-Aided
Chaitanya Merit Degree College, Hayathnagar2014Private Un-Aided
David Memorial College of Education For Women2003Private Un-Aided
Deccan School of Pharmacy1997Private Un-Aided
Frobel’s Degree College2012Private Un-Aided
Galaxy Degree College2011Private Un-Aided
Gandhian College of Education2007Private Un-Aided
Gauthami Degree College (Chintal)1991Private Un-Aided
Geetanjali Degree College, Nawabpet2014Private Un-Aided
Geethanjali Degree College (Kushaiguda)2012Private Un-Aided
Global Education Centre1999Private Un-Aided
Global Institute of Management2009Private Un-Aided
Gowthami Degree College, Hayathnagar2014Private Un-Aided
Gowthami Degree College (Vikarabad)1994Private Un-Aided
Grahambell Institute of Technology & Science2001Private Un-Aided
Greater College of Education2015Private Un-Aided
Haindavi Degree College (Kapra)2012Private Un-Aided
Hashvitha P.G College2009Private Un-Aided
Holy Mary Tec.College of Education2001Private Un-Aided
Holy Trinity College of Education2002Private Un-Aided
Horizon Institute of Technology2001Private Un-Aided
Hyderabad Presidency College1989Private Un-Aided
Iitm Degree College2010Private Un-Aided
Infant Jesus Degree College2013Private Un-Aided
Institute of Management Studies P.G Centre2009Private Un-Aided
International Degree College2012Private Un-Aided
Jagruthi Degree College (Chevalla)2003Private Un-Aided
Jagruthi Degree College (Shankarpally)2008Private Un-Aided
Jagruthi Womens Degree College2010Private Un-Aided
Jagruthi Women’s Degree College, Uppal2014Private Un-Aided
Jagruti Pg.College of Management Studies2004Private Un-Aided
Jai Durga Bhavani Bed College2016Private Un-Aided
Jesus P.G College2000Private Un-Aided
Karanam Padmavathi Memorial Degree & P.G College2005Private Un-Aided
Karthikeya Degree College2005Private Un-Aided
Karuna P.G. College of Business Management2004Private Un-Aided
K.G.R Institute of Technology & Management2008Private Un-Aided
Kingston P.G. College2007Private Un-Aided
K L R Degree College2012Private Un-Aided
Klr Degree College, Shamirpet2014Private Un-Aided
Kommuri Pratap Reddy Institute of Management2010Private Un-Aided
Kranthi (Alpha) Degree College2001Private Un-Aided
Krishnamurthy Institute of Management2008Private Un-Aided
K.R.R Institute of Information Technology2001Private Un-Aided
Kvm College of Physical Education, Kulkacherla2014Private Un-Aided
Leo Academy of Hospitality & Tourism Management2008Private Un-Aided
Little Flower Degree College1993Private Un-Aided
Maharshi Degree College, Dommerapochampally2014Private Un-Aided
Mahaveer Degree College of Arts, Commerce & Science, Rajendranagar2014Private Un-Aided
Malla Reddy College of Pharmacy2004Private Un-Aided
Mallareddy College of Teacher Education (B.Ed & M.Ed)_Kompally2002Private Un-Aided
Malla Reddy Institute of Management2003Private Un-Aided
Mnr Teacher Education College2001Private Un-Aided
Modern College of Education2002Private Un-Aided
Mother Teresa College of Management & Computer Applications2003Private Un-Aided
Mother Teresa P.G. College (Nfc Nagar)2001Private Un-Aided
Mother Theresa College of Pharmacy2006Private Un-Aided
M.R.M  Institute of Management (Ibrahimpatnam)2002Private Un-Aided
Mvsr Engineering College1981Private Un-Aided
Nawabshahala Khan College of Education2007Private Un-Aided
Neil Gogte Institute of Technology2017Private Un-Aided
Netra Vidhyalayam Degree College For Blind2010Private Un-Aided
New Adarsh Degree College2005Private Un-Aided
New Badruka Degree College2011Private Un-Aided
New Sri Medha Degree College2007Private Un-Aided
Noble P.G College (Mba/Mca)2002Private Un-Aided
Nooria Arabia College1971Private Un-Aided
Oga & Exhibhition Society College of Education2002Private Un-Aided
Omega College of Pharmacy2007Private Un-Aided
Omega P.G. College – Mba,2007Private Un-Aided
Omega P.G. College – Mca,2007Private Un-Aided
Pallavi College of Education2007Private Un-Aided
Pallavi College of Teacher Education2001Private Un-Aided
Pallavi Degree College2001Private Un-Aided
Pannala Ram Reddy College of Business Managememt2011Private Un-Aided
Peoples College of Arts, Science & Commerce1972Private Un-Aided
Pjr’s Memorial Sai Teja Degree College2011Private Un-Aided
Pmr Degree College1994Private Un-Aided
Ponugoti Madhava Rao Degree College2013Private Un-Aided
Poojya Sri Madhavananji College of Education2007Private Un-Aided
Pragathi Mahila Degree Kalashala1993Private Un-Aided
Pragathi Women’s Degree College2002Private Un-Aided
Pragathi Women’s Degree College, Chanda Nagar2011Private Un-Aided
Pragati College of Education2003Private Un-Aided
Pragna College of Education2007Private Un-Aided
Pragnya Degree College2010Private Un-Aided
Pragnya Womens Degree College2011Private Un-Aided
Prathiba Degree College For Women, Kukatpally2013Private Un-Aided
Prathibha Degree College1999Private Un-Aided
Prathibha Degree College (Ibrahimpatnam)1994Private Un-Aided
Princeton College of Education2003Private Un-Aided
Prr College of Commerce & Management1995Private Un-Aided
P.V Ramreddy P.G College2009Private Un-Aided
Rabindranath College of Education2002Private Un-Aided
Race Womens Degree College2013Private Un-Aided
Rainbow Integrated Degree College2011Private Un-Aided
Reah School of Business Management2005Private Un-Aided
Sadhana Degree College2014Private Un-Aided
Sai Chaitanya Degree College2003Private Un-Aided
Sai Teja Degree College2011Private Un-Aided
Samskruti Institute of Business Management2008Private Un-Aided
Scholars Degree College2005Private Un-Aided
Shalivahana Degree College1994Private Un-Aided
Sharada Degree College1994Private Un-Aided
Shine India Degree College2013Private Un-Aided
Shivani Womens Degree College2002Private Un-Aided
Shree Swaminarayan Gurukul College of Education2007Private Un-Aided
Shree Uma Degree & P.G College2011Private Un-Aided
Siddhartha College of Education2005Private Un-Aided
Siddhartha College of Physical Education, Ibrahimpatnam2014Private Un-Aided
Siddhartha Institute of Computer Science2008Private Un-Aided
Siddhartha Institute of Technology & Science (Formerly Siddharatha Technical Institute)1994Private Un-Aided
Sindu Degree College2009Private Un-Aided
Siva Sivani Degree College2002Private Un-Aided
Spandana Degree College (Co-Education)2012Private Un-Aided
Spoorthy Degree Colege2015Private Un-Aided
Sree Gayathri Degree College Ibrahimpatnam2002Private Un-Aided
Sree Ratna Degree College For Women2014Private Un-Aided
Sree Vignan Degree College2007Private Un-Aided
Sri Chaitanya Degree College (Ghatkesar)2008Private Un-Aided
Sri Chakra College of Education, Ibrahimpatnam2012Private Un-Aided
Sri Indu College of Education2002Private Un-Aided
Sri Indu Institute of Management2003Private Un-Aided
Sri Narayana Degree College2014Private Un-Aided
Sri Nidhi College of Education2006Private Un-Aided
Sri Ramalingeshwara Degree College1994Private Un-Aided
Sri Sai Degree College2005Private Un-Aided
Sri Sai Degree & P.G College2008Private Un-Aided
Sri Sai Vikas Degree College2014Private Un-Aided
Sri Saraswathi Vidhyalaya Degree College2005Private Un-Aided
Sri Venkateshwara Degree College (Pargi)2005Private Un-Aided
Sri Vidhya Degree College For Women2014Private Un-Aided
S.R.M. College of Education2011Private Un-Aided
Srm Degree College, Shamshabad2014Private Un-Aided
St. Agnes College of Education2007Private Un-Aided
St. Anns Degree College For Women (Mallapur)1998Private Un-Aided
St. Ann’s P.G. College For Women (Mallapur)2003Private Un-Aided
St. Augustien P.G College2002Private Un-Aided
St. John Institute of Science & Technology2001Private Un-Aided
St. Johns College of Education2007Private Un-Aided
St. Johns P.G. College2006Private Un-Aided
St. Joseph Degree College, Upparpalli2014Private Un-Aided
St. Josephs Degree College For Women2004Private Un-Aided
St. Judes College of Education2002Private Un-Aided
St. Pious X P.G (M.B.A) College For Women2009Private Un-Aided
St. Vincent P.G. College2001Private Un-Aided
St. Xaviers P.G. College (Gopanpally)2003Private Un-Aided
Suprabhat Institute of Computer Studies1999Private Un-Aided
Suprabhat Institute of Management Studies2003Private Un-Aided
S.V.R School of Business Management2009Private Un-Aided
Swathi Institute of Technology & Science2009Private Un-Aided
Takshashila Degree College2002Private Un-Aided
Tkr Institute of Management & Science2003Private Un-Aided
Tmss College of Management2009Private Un-Aided
Tmss Degree College For Women2005Private Un-Aided
Uk College of Education2007Private Un-Aided
Vanitha Degree College For Women2011Private Un-Aided
Veda Degree College, Champapet2014Private Un-Aided
Vidya Dayani College of Information Technology1999Private Un-Aided
Vidya Sagar Degree College2005Private Un-Aided
Vignan Degree College (Attapur)2012Private Un-Aided
Vignan Degree College (Bandlaguda)2008Private Un-Aided
Vijaya Bharathi College of Education2007Private Un-Aided
Vijaya Pg College (Mba)2006Private Un-Aided
Vijaya School of Business Management2008Private Un-Aided
Vijayavardhini Degree College2014Private Un-Aided
Vijetha Degree College For Women2012Private Un-Aided
Vikas College of Education2007Private Un-Aided
Vishwa Bharathi Arts & Science Degree College2005Private Un-Aided
Vishwa Chaitanya Womens Degree College2012Private Un-Aided
Vishwa Vishwani Institute of Systems & Management2007Private Un-Aided
Vishwa Vishwani School of Business Hyderabad2001Private Un-Aided
Vivekananda Degree College, Chevella2014Private Un-Aided
Vivekananda P.G College1998Private Un-Aided
Vms Degree College, Rajendra Nagar2014Private Un-Aided
Yadaiah College of Education2003Private Un-Aided
Prameelamma Degree College (3101), Amangal2014Private Un-Aided
List of Private Colleges in Rangareddi

List of Other Institutes in Rangareddi

College NameYearManagement
Birla Institute of Technology And Science Pilani,Hyderabad Campus  
Global Kasturba College of Nursing
Shadan College of Nursing
Koneru Lakshmaiah Education Foundation Deemed To Be University Off Campus Hyderabad  
Excel College of Hotel Management
Padmanayaka College of Special Education
Telangana Tribal Welfare Residential Degree College For Woman
Vivekananda College of Computer Sciences
College of Agriculture, Rajendranagar
Gauthami Degree College2007Local Body
Rbvrr Institute of Technology2002Local Body
Vijaya Health Care Academic Society College of Nursing, Kushaiguda2006University
Manuu Polytechnic, Hyderabad2008University
Govt. Degree College (Ibrahimpatnam)2008University
Jagruthi Degree College (Malkajgiri)2005University
Sahithi Degree College For Women2013University
Tapasya Degree College2014University
List of Other Institutes in Rangareddi

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