List of All Degree Colleges in Telangana for 2024

List of all Colleges in Telangana. Government and private degree college name and year of Establishment.


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List of Colleges in Khammam

List of Govt Colleges in Khammam

College NameYearManagement
College of Teacher Education (Tribal Welfare), Bhadrachalam2000State Government
Government Degree College, Bhadrachalam1980State Government
Government Degree College For Women, Khammam1964State Government
Government Degree College, Garla2009State Government
Government Degree College, Madhira1983State Government
Government Degree College, Manuguru2008State Government
Government Degree College, Nelakondapally2008State Government
Government Degree College, Paloncha1991State Government
Government Degree College, Yellandu1991State Government
Jalagam Vengal Rao (Jvr) Government College, Sathupally1976State Government
Sr & Bgnr Government College, Khammam1956State Government
Sri Rama Chandra Arts & Science Government College, Kothagudem1964State Government
Telangana Tribal Welfare Residential Degree College (Girls), Khammam2018State Government
List of Govt Colleges in Khammam

List of Private Colleges in Khammam

College NameYearManagement
Singareni Collieries Womens Degree College, Kothagudem1975Private Aided
Sri Vidya Degree College, Sundaraiah Nagar, Bandarugudem, Manuguru2001Private Aided
Svr College of Education, Madhira2007Private Aided
Abdul Kalam Institute of Technological Science2007Private Un-Aided
Anu Bose Institute of Technology2008Private Un-Aided
Bomma Institute of Pharmacy2010Private Un-Aided
Bomma Institute of Technology Science2006Private Un-Aided
Daripally Anantharamulu College of Engineering & Technology2007Private Un-Aided
Dhanvanthri Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences2007Private Un-Aided
Khammam Institute of Technology & Science2008Private Un-Aided
Klr College of Engineering & Technology2008Private Un-Aided
Mother Teresa Pharmacy College2009Private Un-Aided
Priyadarshini Institute of Science & Technology For Women, Khammam2009Private Un-Aided
Sai Spurthy Institute of Technology2001Private Un-Aided
Sree Kavitha College of Management And Information Technology2008Private Un-Aided
Sri Kavita Engineering College2001Private Un-Aided
Swarna Bhrathi Institute of Science Technology2003Private Un-Aided
Vijaya Engineering College2007Private Un-Aided
Vijaya Institute of Management2007Private Un-Aided
Anniebesant College of Education, Kranthi Nagar, Ballepally, Khammam1999Private Un-Aided
Bbm Vaari Gayathri Degree College, Nehru Nagar, Khammam1994Private Un-Aided
Browns College of Education, Ammapalem, Thanikella, Khammam2002Private Un-Aided
Browns College of Pharmacy, Ammapalem, Thanikella, Khammam2004Private Un-Aided
Dhanvanthari Institute of Management Sciences, Sujathanagar, Kothagudem, Khammam2007Private Un-Aided
Dr. Rjc College of Higher Education, Trunk Road, Khammam1997Private Un-Aided
Drs Degree College, Mamillagudem, Khammam1996Private Un-Aided
Gowthami Degree College, Cherla (V&M)2008Private Un-Aided
Gowthami Degree College, Laxmidevipally, Kothagudem2002Private Un-Aided
Holy Faith College of Education, Paloncha2002Private Un-Aided
Holy Faith College of Education, Sathupally2002Private Un-Aided
Jvr Pragathi Degree College, # 3-97, Near Bus Stand, Kusumanchi2007Private Un-Aided
Kakatiya Degree College, Post Office Road, Sathupally (Shr)1994Private Un-Aided
Kavitha Degree College, Upendrayya Nagar, Khammam2001Private Un-Aided
Kavitha Memorial Degree College, Nst Road, Khammam1991Private Un-Aided
Kavitha Memorial P.G. College, Nst Road, Khammam1993Private Un-Aided
Kavitha Pg College2001Private Un-Aided
Khammam College of Pharmacy, Allipuram (V), Khammam2007Private Un-Aided
Klr College of Education, Paloncha2007Private Un-Aided
Klr College of Pharmacy, Paloncha, Khammam District2004Private Un-Aided
Klr Degree College, Ambedkar Centre, Paloncha2001Private Un-Aided
Krishnaveni Arts & Science Degree College, H.No. 1-17, Ambedkar Centre, Manuguru2007Private Un-Aided
Krishnaveni Degree College, Laxmidevipally, Kothagudem2003Private Un-Aided
Kristhu Jyothi Degree College, Reddygudem, Thallada, Khammam2009Private Un-Aided
Madeena B.Ed. College, Kothagudem2004Private Un-Aided
Madhu Degree College(589)2014Private Un-Aided
Mamatha Degree College2013Private Un-Aided
Manair College of Law, V.V. Palem, Khammam1990Private Un-Aided
Marvel Degree College1991Private Un-Aided
Max Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Velugumatla (V), Vv Palem (Po), Khammam2007Private Un-Aided
Mes College of Education, Arempula, Khammam2007Private Un-Aided
Mohammadiya Institute of Management, Arempula, Khammam2002Private Un-Aided
Mohammadiya Institute of Pharmacy, Barugudem, Arempula, Khammam2007Private Un-Aided
Mother Theresa College of Bed2015Private Un-Aided
Mother Theresa College of Education, Paloncha2002Private Un-Aided
Mother Theresa College of Education, Sathupally2002Private Un-Aided
Mother Theresa Degree College, # 19-4-15/1, Gollagatta Road, Bhadrachalam2005Private Un-Aided
National Degree College, Bollorugudem, Paloncha1994Private Un-Aided
Nava Bharath Degree College, Nethaji Road, Sathupally1997Private Un-Aided
Naveena Degree College, Nehru Nagar, Khammam (Gowtham)2002Private Un-Aided
New Generation Degree College For Women, Khammam1996Private Un-Aided
Nirmal Hriday Degree College, # 4-55, Opp. Railway Station, Singareni (V&M)2007Private Un-Aided
Priyadarshini Degree College, Kutir Complex, Opp. Bus Stand, Kothagudem1994Private Un-Aided
Priyadarshini Degree College, Nehru Nagar, Khammam1996Private Un-Aided
Pulipati Prasad College of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Khammam2008Private Un-Aided
Raga College of Education,Gouurigudem, Sathupally2007Private Un-Aided
Rams Degree College, Bhadrachalam (Sampurna, Erragunta)2010Private Un-Aided
Saahithi Degree College of Science And Arts, No. 14 Basthi, Yellandu2005Private Un-Aided
Sacred Heart College of Arts & Science, Thallampadu2005Private Un-Aided
Sadhana Degree College, Near Mro Office, Yellandu1998Private Un-Aided
Santhiniketan Degree College, Ayyagaripet, Sathupally1994Private Un-Aided
Saraswathi Degree College, Yerrupalem2005Private Un-Aided
Seelam Pulla Reddy Memorial Degree College, Cps Road, Madhira2001Private Un-Aided
Sneha Degree College, Government Hospital Road, Yellandu2005Private Un-Aided
Sreenidhi Degree College, Madhira2012Private Un-Aided
Sri Chaitanya Degree College5822014Private Un-Aided
Sri Krishna Gowthami Degree College, Dammugudem2013Private Un-Aided
Sri Rajah Raghava Raju Venkata Krishnam Raju Memorial (Srrrvkrm) Degree College, # 2-108, Godavari Ferry Point Road, Venkatapuram2007Private Un-Aided
Sri Sai Degree College, Kunavaram Road, Bhdrachalam2001Private Un-Aided
Sri Sai Prasanthi Degree College, Kunavaram, Khammam2009Private Un-Aided
Sri Vani Degree College, V.M. Banzar, Penubally2003Private Un-Aided
Sri Vikas Degree College, Julurpad2013Private Un-Aided
Sri Vikas Degree College, Singareni2011Private Un-Aided
St. Anns College of Education, Venkatapuram (V), Mudigonda (M)2002Private Un-Aided
St Johns College of Education2004Private Un-Aided
St. Lawrence College of Education, Arempula, Khammam2003Private Un-Aided
Susheela College of Education, Madhira2007Private Un-Aided
Susheela Memorial Degree College, Didugupadu (V), Madhira1994Private Un-Aided
Trinity College of Education2012Private Un-Aided
Ushasri Degree College, Kallauru (V&M)2014Private Un-Aided
Vamsee Vinay Degree College, Vemsoor Road, Sathupally1999Private Un-Aided
Vasavi Degree College, Bayyaram2013Private Un-Aided
Vignan Degree College2008Private Un-Aided
Vikas Degree College, Station Road, Khammam1994Private Un-Aided
Vivekavardhani Degree College, D.No. 1-117, Near Bus Stand, Gundala, Khammam2011Private Un-Aided
Vivekavardhani Degree College For Women, Laxmidevipally, Kothagudem2003Private Un-Aided
Vivekavardhani Degree College, Kothagudem1997Private Un-Aided
Vkdvs Raju Degree College, Aswaraopet2001Private Un-Aided
Angel College of Nursing, Khammam2003Private Un-Aided
Kinnera College of Nursing, Khammam2008Private Un-Aided
Mamata College of Nursing, Khammam2003Private Un-Aided
Mamata Dental College, Khammam2001Private Un-Aided
Mamata Medical College, Khammam1998Private Un-Aided
Pimtech College of B.Sc Mlt, Khammam2005Private Un-Aided
Pulipati College of Nursing, Konizerla2009Private Un-Aided
Pulipati Prasad College of Nursing, Khammam2004Private Un-Aided
Swarnanjali College of Nursing, Khammam2018Private Un-Aided
List of Private Colleges in Khammam

List of Other Institutes in Khammam

College NameYearManagement
Agricultural College, Aswaraopet
Siddartha Degree College, Bayyaram2013University
Telangana Social Welfare Residential Degree College For Women2016University
University College of Engineering, Kothagudam1976University
List of Other Institutes in Khammam

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