List of All Degree Colleges in Telangana for 2024

List of all Colleges in Telangana. Government and private degree college name and year of Establishment.


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List of Colleges in Mahbubnagar

List of Govt Colleges in Mahbubnagar

College NameYearManagement
Government Medical College Mahabubnagar2016State Government
Dr. Brr Govt. College, Jadcherla1963State Government
Government Degree College(Sciences) Nagarkurnool.2008State Government
Govt. College of Teacher Education, Mahabubnagar1969State Government
Govt. Degree College, Amrabad2008State Government
Govt. Degree College (Arts & Commerce), Nagarkurnool2008State Government
Govt. Degree College , Atmakur2008State Government
Govt. Degree College For Women, Gadwal2008State Government
Govt. Degree College For Women, Wanaparthy1991State Government
Govt. Degree College , Kalwakurthy2008State Government
Govt. Degree College , Kodangal2008State Government
Govt. Degree College , Kollapur2008State Government
Govt. Degree College, Shadnagar2009State Government
Govt. Degree & P.G College For Men, Wanaparthy1974State Government
Mald Govt. Degree College, Gadwal1960State Government
Modern College of Education, Nagarkurnool2007State Government
M.V.S. Government Arts & Science College, Mahabubnagar1965State Government
N. T.R. Govt. Degree & P.G College For (W), Mahabubnagar1981State Government
Sri Chittem Narsi Reddy Memorial Govt. Degree College, Narayapet1984State Government
Sri U. M. Govt. Degree College, Kondanagula1984State Government
Sri Venkateshwara Government Arts & Science College1963State Government
S.V. Govt. Oreintal College, Palem1981State Government
Swamy Vivekananda Degree & P.G College, MBNR2002State Government
Telangana Social Welfare Residential Degree College For Women, Mahabubnagar2016State Government
Telangana Tribal Welfare Residential Degree College For Women, Mahabubnagar2017State Government
List of Govt Colleges in Mahbubnagar

List of Private Colleges in Mahbubnagar

College NameYearManagement
Navodaya College of Nursing, Mahabubnagar2003Private Aided
Navodaya College of Physiotherapy, Mahabubnagar2000Private Aided
Sri Venkata Sai College of Medical Lab Technology, Mahabubnagar2010Private Aided
Sri Venkata Sai College of Nursing, Mahabubnagar2003Private Aided
Svs Institute of Dental Sciences, Mahabubnagar2003Private Aided
Svs Medical College, Mahabubnagar1999Private Aided
Smt. Sarojini Ramulamma College of Pharmacy, Mahabubnagar1998Private Aided
Jaya Prakash Narayan College of Engineering1997Private Un-Aided
Moonray Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences2007Private Un-Aided
Sri Visweswaraiah Institute of Technology & Science1998Private Un-Aided
Vivekananda Institute of Science & Informationtechnology2008Private Un-Aided
Indian College of Nursing, Mahabubnagar2007Private Un-Aided
Aakash Degree College, Nagarkurnool.1998Private Un-Aided
Adarsha College of Education, Narayanpet2007Private Un-Aided
Adarsha Degree & P.G College, Mahabubnagar1994Private Un-Aided
Adarsh College of Teacher Education, Mahabubnagar2003Private Un-Aided
Adarsh Post Graduate College of Computer Sciences, Mahabubnagar1998Private Un-Aided
Al-Madina College of Education, Mahabubnagar1984Private Un-Aided
Amritha Akshitha College of Education, Metpally, Wanaparthy2007Private Un-Aided
Anjaneya Degree College2014Private Un-Aided
Bhavitha Degree College Devarakadra2012Private Un-Aided
Carlo Bovini Memorial Degeree College, Kalwakurthy1998Private Un-Aided
Chaitanya Degree College, Achampet2007Private Un-Aided
C. Laxma Reddy College of Education, Telkapally2000Private Un-Aided
C.V Raman Degree College Makthal2005Private Un-Aided
Dhanvanthri College of Pharmaceutical Scienes2008Private Un-Aided
Gayathri College of Education, Wanaparthy2003Private Un-Aided
Gayathri Degree & P.G College, Wanaparthy2001Private Un-Aided
Geethanjali Degree College,  Nawabpet2010Private Un-Aided
Goverdhan Reddy Degree College,Telkapally2005Private Un-Aided
Gowthami Degree College, Mahabubnagar2003Private Un-Aided
Gsn College of Education, Achempet2007Private Un-Aided
Kotha Kota Sri Vidya Degree College, Kothakota2003Private Un-Aided
Kottam Institute of Pharmacy2006Private Un-Aided
Lahoti Degree College, Kondanagal2005Private Un-Aided
Lnr College of Education2015Private Un-Aided
Manasa College of Education, Kothakota2003Private Un-Aided
Masters Degree College,Amangal2014Private Un-Aided
Nalanda College of Education, Mahabubnagar2003Private Un-Aided
Navabharathi College of Education, Pebbair2007Private Un-Aided
Neelam Sanjeeva Reddy Memorial Degree College2013Private Un-Aided
Niveditha Degree College, Kothakota2005Private Un-Aided
Noor College of Education, Shadnagar2003Private Un-Aided
P.H.R.M Degree & P.G College, Mahabubnagar1991Private Un-Aided
Pragathi Arts & Science Degree & P.G College, Achampet2002Private Un-Aided
Pragathi College of Education2012Private Un-Aided
Sadhana Degree College, Nagarkurnool2005Private Un-Aided
Sahithi Degree College2014Private Un-Aided
Sai Krishna P.G College, Wanaparthy1992Private Un-Aided
Sardar Vallabhai Patel D. C, Shadnagar2002Private Un-Aided
Scholars Degree College, Wanaparthy2005Private Un-Aided
Scholors College of Education, Wanaparthy2003Private Un-Aided
Shiva Reddy Memorial College of Physical Education2014Private Un-Aided
Smt.Yrm Degree College, Kalwakurthy1994Private Un-Aided
Spoorthi Degree College, Kothakota2006Private Un-Aided
Sree Sai Degree College, Kalwakurthy2007Private Un-Aided
Sri Bijju Ananthaiah Memorial Degree College, Shadnagar1991Private Un-Aided
Sri Bramarambika Mallikarjuna College of Education, Kalwakurthy2003Private Un-Aided
Sri Chaitanya Degree & P.G College, Mahabubnagar1994Private Un-Aided
Sri Datta Brindavana Institute of Teacher Education, Narayanpet2007Private Un-Aided
Sri Krishnaveni Degree College, Kalwakurthy2007Private Un-Aided
Sri Ramakrishna Vivekananda D.C, Kosgi2002Private Un-Aided
Sri Shiva Sai Degree College, Ieej2007Private Un-Aided
Sri  Srinivasa Degree College, Kollapur2012Private Un-Aided
Sri Vani Degree College, Wanaparthy2001Private Un-Aided
Sri Vasavi Degree College, Mahabubnagar2005Private Un-Aided
Sri Veerabadra Degree College, Koilkonda2010Private Un-Aided
Sri Vekateshwara Swamy College, Kadthal1994Private Un-Aided
St. Marry College of Education, Mahabubnagar2007Private Un-Aided
S.V.M College of Education, Gadwal2007Private Un-Aided
S.V. M. Degeree & P.G College, Gadwal2001Private Un-Aided
S.V.M.R Degree College2005Private Un-Aided
Triveni Degree College, Achampet2011Private Un-Aided
Ushodaya College of Education, Wanaparthy2003Private Un-Aided
Veerabhadra Degree College,Pebbair2011Private Un-Aided
Venkata Sai College of Teacher Education, Devarakadra2007Private Un-Aided
Venkatasai Degree College (3092)2009Private Un-Aided
Vidya Degree College, Marikal2011Private Un-Aided
Vignan Degree College, Shadnagar2005Private Un-Aided
Vijeta Degree College, Wanaparthy2005Private Un-Aided
Vikas Degree College, (Co-Education), Atmakur2005Private Un-Aided
Vishwa Vikas Degree College Nagarkurnool2013Private Un-Aided
Viswashanti Degree College, Alam Pur ‘X’ Road2011Private Un-Aided
Vivekananda College of Computers, Shadnagar2001Private Un-Aided
Vivekananda College of Education, Chattanpalli2001Private Un-Aided
Vivekananda Degree College, Shadnagar2005Private Un-Aided
Vrk Degree College Jadcherla2005Private Un-Aided
W. C. C. M, Wanaparthy1993Private Un-Aided
List of Private Colleges in Mahbubnagar

List of Other Institutes in Mahbubnagar

College NameYearManagement
Agriculture College, Palem
Navodaya Degree For Women, Gadwal2007Local Body
Saraswathi Degree College, Marikal2011Local Body
Symbiosis Institute of Business Management, Hyderabad2014University
Symbiosis Law School, Hyderabad2014University
List of Other Institutes in Mahbubnagar

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